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Wisatakuliner.id – Hello travel friends, on this occasion we will provide information about tourist attractions Teletubbies Hill It is located in Solomon Regency, Yogyakarta Special District.

Bukit Teletubbies as the name suggests is included in the type of hill or hill tourism.

Don’t get me wrong, this tourist destination is not in the shape of a green hill like the Teletubbies TV series.

But in the form of an observation post located above or to the east of the dome of the house of the tourist district or it is often called the house of teletubbies.

The dome house is often called the teletubbies house because of its hemispherical shape like the house in the teletubbies TV series.

So this hill is called Teletubbies Hill because of its location which is still in the same area as the dome house or teletubbies.

With its location on a hill, Teletubbies Hill possesses many beauties, especially the beauty of panorama or landscapes of Yogyakarta.

Although it is not very high, it still has a beauty of its own, especially to see the view of the Dome House which looks like eggs lined up when looking at it from the top and when night falls you can see the sunset if the weather is clear. Teletubbies Hill.

At first, Teletubbies Hill was just a locally owned field planted with various crops that were deliberately planted to meet daily food needs.

Until then, tour manager at Rumah Domes saw an opportunity for the place to become a tourist spot to become a hill. Teleubies.

Initially this place was opened as a tourist site there was only a simple gazebo and a few benches to sit on.

To date, a viewing tower or viewing point has been created as well as a very relaxing garden and terrace to support visitors who come to Teletubbies Hill.

To go to Teletubbies Hill, a motorbike is recommended.

Although the car can pass through the road to Teletubbies Hill, the conditions or conditions of the narrow and uphill road will make it difficult for those of you who come to use a car.

Moreover, if you hit another car from the opposite direction, it will be very dangerous because the road is narrow.

Also, if you are interested in hiking, you can walk from the dome house to Teletubbies Hill.

It takes about 1 hour to reach the top of the hill and you can also use a bike to reach this place.

When Sunday arrives, biking tourists usually come to Teletubbies Hill, no matter the way up, they still enjoy the ride.

No wonder, because all the way to Teletubbies Hill, there will be beautiful views of the countryside.

In addition to the watch post, there is a giant line or writing that says Teletubbies Hill which can be used as a place for you to take a picture of yourself or a selfie.

In addition, there is also a gazebo or hut that can be used as a shelter from the scorching sun or just to sit, rest and enjoy the breeze on the hill.

There is also a small stage that the director can use to hold an event or art show on Teletubbies Hill.

Teletubbies Hill Aside from being close to the tourist dome at home, it’s close enough to other tourist destinations like Ijo Temple and Breksi Cliff so you don’t have to worry if you’re going to continue your next tour around Teletubbies Hill.

Teletubbies Hill website

It can be said that the location of Teletubbies Hill is quite far from the city center of Jogja, which is to the east of the city of Jogja.

The exact address of Teletubbies Hill is at Sumberharjo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special District.

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The road to Teletubbies Hill

The road to Teletubbies Hill

The road to Teletapes Hill can be taken from the direction of Yogyakarta, for the road from Yogyakarta.

You have to travel to Jalan Jogja-Wonosari until Piyungan Junction and then turn left or north to enter Jalan Prambanan-Piyungan.

To find the Teletubbies Domes House sign. Turn right and follow the road until you come to Domes House, then head east to Teletubbies Hill

The distance from Jogja City to Teletubbies Hill is about 19.5 km and the normal travel time for motorized vehicles from Jogja City to Ijo Temple is about 54 minutes.

Teletubbies Hill Facilities

Teletubbies Hill Facilities

The facilities at Teletubbies Hill can be said to be good for the needs of visiting tourists, including:

  • the toilet
  • parking
  • photo spot
  • Gazebo
  • Substation display
  • Prayer room

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Teletubbies Hill Entrance ticket prices and parking

Teletubbies Hill Entrance ticket prices and parking

It can be said that the entry price to Teletubbies Hill is still affordable for all groups.

To be able to enter the Teletubbies Hill area at this time, an honest fee and Rp parking fee will be charged. 2000 Motorcycles and Rp. 5000 per car.

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Well, this was complete information about the Teletubbies Hill tourist attraction. For those who want to vacation in Jogjakarta, you should include Teletubbies Hill in your visit list.

Thank you for reading our article, see you in our next article and always keep it clean wherever you are traveling.

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