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Live Streaming Money Making Apps Proven Paying!

One of the new jobs with very lucrative income you can find on live money-making applications that you can use. Applications like this are very popular among internet users.

Even some of them can get a lot of money that you can get from the audience by giving saweran in the form of present or in the form of money. Not a few of them are successful from a profession like this.

However, you still have to try harder if you want to get a lot of money from the profession live broadcast paid. We certainly have a lot of recommendations from several types of streaming services below.

Recommended Best Live Streaming Money Making Applications 2022

From some of the previous explanations, we will provide a little extra details related to the live application that we share. Application live stream Moneymaker 2022 has several types and its own target market.

The target market will determine which application you should choose so that you can show the best potential. Maybe you are a gamer who wants to show his abilities to others.

From these categories, we can see which applications are suitable for you. One of them is a type of live chat application that makes money which is currently a favorite. Therefore, take a look at some of the best recommendations as follows.

LiveMe . APKs

The LiveMe application began to be widely known by many users because many things did not exist in other applications. Platforms It’s already very experienced enough to deliver amazing broadcasts.

Newcomers can certainly earn through this application. However, many users who often use this application are only limited to watching the live apk bar bar.

Of course, if you already know the consequences if you become talent in this app. They will compete to give a pretty hot appearance to the audience.

Therefore this application has a very large income in proportion to the risk of talent itself. If you do what they do, it’s not impossible that you will become popular faster.

The way to make money from live me is to receive a lot present which you can convert into rupiah. Even the income you get can be many times more than the 100 thousand money-making application per day.

App name LiveMe . APKs
Version: when 4.5.25
Size 64 MB
Developer/Publisher LiveMe Team
Android OS Android 5.0+

Unfortunately, this app is not available on the Google Play Store. However, we will provide the link for free.

Bigo Live


When compared to previous applications, Bigo Live is much more friendly because you can get this application directly on the Google Play Store.

Moreover, the policy can make users feel safe and comfortable by using this application. It is from this application that we become popular and collect a lot of money.

Bigo live earn money has a concept that is not much different from other live applications. You can get a lot of saweran present from cheapest to most expensive.

Besides that, talent in this application there will also be no loss because this application is protected from viewers who use the MOD version.

There are many talents that you can channel in this application such as singing, dancing and even your other strengths. Not to mention, there are additional filter effects that make your face even more perfect.

App name Bigo Live APK
Version: when 5.29
Size 69 MB
Developer/Publisher Bigo Technology Pte. Ltd
Android OS Android 5.0+

Livu Live


If you ask whether the Luve application can make money quickly? then our answer is absolutely yes. Almost all live bar apps nowadays can make money.

Even the money made from apps like this is really no joke. Because there are many users waiting in line to be able to call with you.

Unlike the previous application, platform it belongs to the category of money-making live chat applications.

The way to make money from this livu apk is from users who call you directly video call. Usually, when a user wants to make a call, they will be charged coins per minute.

Of course you can chat as long as you want with him and talk about things. The longer you chat, the more money you will earn from the coins you have earned.

Applications like this are indeed very suitable for girls who want to earn more because they will be met with users, the majority of whom are men.

You certainly know what men want from the chat. If you are interested, you can download it directly.

App name Livu . APKs
Version: when 01.01.80
Size 68 MB
Developer/Publisher Team Livu
Android OS Android 5.0+

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Nimo TV- Live Streaming Games


Maybe you are a true gamer who plays various popular games today. Until now, there are many popular games that you can show on Nimo TV.

Usually the most users play are Mobile Legend, Pubg Mobile, GTA5 games. So, we can conclude that we can play PC games as well smartphone.

In this application, it turns out that there are many pro players who play many games. Maybe this is the beginning of you becoming famous.

But some live broadcast what we saw, there were some of them broadcasting without playing any games. Maybe they just want to have a casual chat with you guys.

The concept carried by this application also looks similar to other live applications. Users will give saweran to players who are doing live stream.

So, you should try to be the best using this money-making game live streaming application.

App name you TV
Version: when 1.10.50
Size 63 MB
Developer/Publisher Huya Pte. Ltd
Android OS Android 5.0+

Twitching TV


If you want to be more famous and popular all over the world. You can try one of the apps live stream this money making android game.

You can play Android and PC games on this platform. It’s even more popular than the Nimo TV app. Naturally, because the target market is players who watch it from all over the world.

No wonder the number of downloads in this application reaches hundreds of millions of users on the Play Store. With a very wide range of games, you can play unusual games.

There are many popular games commonly played on Twitch such as Valorant, Call of Duty Mobile, Dota 2, Genshin Impact and so on.

As a player who is heading for pro player status, of course you have to try harder to attract the attention of the audience so that they enjoy watching live stream From all of you.

In our opinion, this application is not so boring because there are many different games. Not like some platform who play the same game.

App name Twitching TV
Version: when 13.7.0
Size 48 MB
Developer/Publisher Twitch Interactive Inc
Android OS Android 5.0+

Facebook Gaming Live Stream


Who would have thought that people use Facebook only to upload status, photos, videos and more. Apparently a lot of people are watching live broadcast from many popular users.

There are many popular gamers who play games on platform This is because many people reach it. Moreover, almost all internet users have a Facebook account and you can use it.

Maybe this is not as easy as you think because it takes hard work such as promotion, consistency and other aspects to make it happen live broadcast You are in great demand by Facebook users.

You can be one of the best creators on Facebook because there are not many Facebook gaming creators compared to other platforms.

There is no limit for you to play any game, as long as it is in accordance with the conditions provided by Facebook itself. You can even form your own community at the same time.

App name Facebook
Version: when Latest
Size 48 MB
Developer/Publisher Meta Platform Inc
Android OS Android 9.0+

Youtube Live broadcast


Who doesn’t know platform the biggest in the world. Almost all users around the world must have a Youtube account.

This application, which is the lightest compared to other applications, is perfect for users who want to make money directly.

Not only as content creators who upload videos every day, you can also do live stream and play any game you want.

Until now, Youtube has become the base live broadcast largest in the world. There are many users who do it live stream including playing games.

If being a video creator takes a long time to earn adsenseyou can directly earn money with the help of features super chat.

This feature is often used by streamers to get a lot of orders through platform e-wallet. We think this is the solution to the difficulty of getting adsense by chasing showtimes.

Play various games that support multiple devices such as Android and PC. By writing this article, it means that you are ready to become a tape small.

App name Youtube
Version: when Latest
Size 42 MB
Developer/Publisher Google LLC
Android OS Android 8.0+

Cube TV APKs


Maybe this is streaming platform the only game not available in play store. Even so, many use this application by downloading it directly through the website official.

Players can immediately do various live stream any game freely. You can compete with hundreds tape which has gained popularity from an early age.

In fact the application was released with the same publisher as live streaming platform Bigo Live already has a name in the hearts of its fans.

Platforms It’s also similar to Youtube or Twitch where you can choose some of your favorite broadcasts.

If you ask whether this application can make money? certainly can. However, this app has enough rules to make users have to try harder to get a lot of viewers.

From some of the information we got that streamers have to do live stream a minimum of 60 hours per 20 days. Not only that, streamers must also reach a minimum of 200 viewers so you can make money.

App name Cube TV
Version: when 2.1.4
Size 50 MB
Developer/Publisher Bigo Technology Pte Ltd
Android OS Android 5.0+

Those are some recommendations for the best money-making live applications today. You can get other interesting information about the live application only at website we.


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