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Listen! This is the definition of self-healing and how to do it

BNews—HEALTH— Have you been feeling very tired physically and emotionally over the past few days? Maybe you have just experienced a problem that is very emotionally draining. You may also experience physical health problems.

So, in addition to undergoing medical treatment, you may also need to heal your mind and soul to maintain mental health. Well, at this time, you need self-healing or self-healing.

Self healing itself has many meanings. For example, the Cambridge Dictionary says that self-healing has two meanings. First, the word means the process of recovering and returning to health after an injury or illness.

Second, the word refers to the process of self-recovery and self-healing that a person does, after experiencing various emotionally painful things.

Meanwhile, Lama Merriam-Webster defines self-healing as an activity or process in self-healing. This activity is needed if someone is experiencing feelings or thoughts that can interfere with routine activities.

Recognizing the signs someone needs self-healing is actually not difficult. Here are the characteristics:

  • Feeling all things look and feel very drab and boring.
  • Loss of motivation and not focus when doing something.
  • Feeling overly anxious without knowing where the feeling comes from.
  • The body easily feels tired for no apparent reason.
  • Difficulty sleeping at night.
  • Often experience physical complaints without knowing the cause.

Not everyone can heal their own wounds. Although there are people who are capable, the process is not short and certainly requires patience and determination.

Also, self-healing does not always have to go for a walk or a vacation to spend money. There are still many ways you can do when you have mental problems or need self-healing. Here are some of them:


Learning breathing techniques for relaxation is the easiest way to help calm your emotions and thoughts. Especially when you are undergoing the process of self-recovery.

Position the body while sitting or lying down or a position that makes you comfortable. Then, start to inhale slowly through the nose, and exhale equally slowly through the mouth.

Repeat this breathing technique for about 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure you do this until your mind and body feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Doing self reflection

You can also do self-reflection when you are in the self-healing phase. Reflection is the process of interpreting the experiences you feel.

Through this stage, you can better recognize the various negative feelings and thoughts that are in you, so that you can finally accept them.

For example, you have to accept the fact that the person you care about is gone, you have to be ready to accept your condition as it is, or other things that can be uncomfortable.

Doing meditation

In addition, there is nothing wrong with doing meditation to help relax the body and mind so that they are calmer. You can take a yoga or meditation class or practice on your own at home by viewing online tutorials.

During meditation, make sure your mind stays focused on every positive thing. Not only that, do it slowly and not in a hurry, so you can get more optimal results.

Make time for ‘me time’

Don’t forget to take a moment for yourself completely. When you are ‘me time’, you should avoid thinking about other people or work, focus on yourself.

Position yourself as the center of the source of happiness and life, while others are just a complement when you live life. There are many things you can do as long as you take time for yourself.

It can be reading, listening to music, doing a hobby you like, gardening, journaling, exercising, or taking online classes that provide useful knowledge and new experiences.

Looking for assistance

If the previous methods were not effective, you can seek direct assistance from the experts, namely psychologists. Some people who are undergoing a self-healing process sometimes do need to be accompanied. This is because usually they will feel more comfortable when they get direct direction from the experts.


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