List of the Latest Cheapest 4G Telkomsel Internet Packages 2022 Register

Internet package Telkomsel 4G– Telkomsel offers a variety of internet data package menus that prepaid card users can choose from.

Choice of data packages ranging from daily, weekly, to monthly for Simpati and KARTU As card users.

In addition, users can also check quota distribution and price updates on the USSD number *363# and the myTelkomsel application.

Telkomsel card users can activate the package simultaneously through these two channels.

Telkomsel has also announced the price of data packages for sympathy card and AS card users in August 2021.

The following is a price list for the latest Telkomsel 4G Internet package.

Telkomsel 12GB and 8GB packages

How to Register Internet Bundle by dial 3639#

  1. 12GB (500MB Flash + 1.5GB Local Data + 10GB 4G) for Rp. 70,000 30 day activity period.
  2. The 8GB + MDS package is only Rp. 50,000

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Telkomsel Package 10GB

How to register a Telkomsel 10 GB package

  1. Press 36313# using your Telkomsel card.
  2. Then select Continue.
  3. Select 4G TAU and continue until your plan is active.
  4. Once active, enjoy cheap Internet bundle services 60 days (for the first purchase) and 30 days for the next purchase.

List of Cheap Telkomsel Loop 4G Packages

Crazy Packages On Loop 21GB : 3,5GB + 5GB + 12,5GB 105.000 30 days
Paket On Loop Holic 13,2GB : 1,2GB + 1GB + 11GB 52.500 30 days
Now On Loop 7GB : 600MB + 1 GB + 5,4GB 29.500 30 days
Loop GigaChat (600MB + chat) + 1GB + 6,4GB 35.000 30 days
Maxi Package 7GB: 2GB + 5GB 50.000 30 days
Paket MIDI 1,7GB : 700MB + 1GB 27.000 30 days
ForeverLoop6 600MB 42.000 180 days
ForeverLoop12 1,2 GB 80.000 360 days

Explanation :


GilaOnLoop Bundle With an active period of 30 days, the total quota is 21GB which is divided into 12.5GB of night quota, 3.5GB of regular quota, and 5GB for 4G.

So you can be more satisfied exploring day and night. How to register and activate Crazy OnLoop by dialing *567#.

Not OnLoop Holic

Nu OnLoop Holic The cheapest package, the OnLoop variant, offers a total quota of 7GB which is divided into a night quota of 5.4GB, a normal quota of 600GB, and 1GB for the 4G network.

This package is suitable for your basic internet needs. How to register and activate the Nu OnLoop Holic package by pressing 567.

LoopGiga Chat

Giga Chat Loop The Giga Chat Loop package as the name implies provides unlimited quota for WhatsApp, Line, and BBM services.

In addition, you will also get an additional total quota of 7 GB which is divided into a regular quota of 600 MB, a night quota of 5.4 GB, and a 4G quota of 1 GB. To activate this package, you can dial *567#.

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Maxi loop

Maxi loop The Maxi Loop package is valid for 30 days by offering a total internet quota of 7 GB which is divided into 2 GB and 5 GB for a 4 GB network.

Maxi Loop is touted as the cheapest internet package with the largest share you can get. How to register and activate the Maxi Loop package by pressing *567#.

Midi loop

The MIDI Loop package provides a total of 1.7 GB at a low price, and the package is also divided into 700 MB of regr quota and 1 GB on the 4G network.

Suitable for those of you who want a simple and uncomplicated package. How to register and activate the MIDI Loop package by pressing *567#.


For those of you who are very active in using the internet, you can use this package to save more costs,

This package has a total quota of 600 MB, you will get 100 MB per 30 days, and of course it can be used for 24 hours. To activate this package by typing *567#.


The ForeverLOOP12 package is not much different from the ForeverLoop6 package, only for a period of 12 months.

You will get an internet quota of 100 MB per month with a total of 1.2 GB which can be used for 24 hours. To activate the ForeverLOOP12 package, type *567#.

Paket 4G Unlimited

Unlimited package is the best choice for internet access. Currently, Simpati offers an unlimited 800 MB package for 7 days for IDR 17,000 and 4.8 GB for 30 days for IDR 100,000.

To register, you can send an SMS by typing UL REG (space) 100K / 17K SMS and send it to 3636.

After that, you will get a notification with a message from 3636 informing you that your package has been activated. Then reply in ULYa format to the number.

If you want to choose another unlimited package, just contact 999333#

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Those are some lists of Telkomsel 4G internet packages that you can activate, hopefully they are useful, thank you.

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