List of Latest Unlimited Overseas Indosat Internet Packages (Roaming)

Indosat Overseas Internet Packages (Roaming) – On this occasion, we will share several lists and how to activate internet roaming packages from Indosat.

If you want to travel abroad, then there is no need to hesitate in choosing Indosat as your internet friend when you are abroad, you can use Indosat internet packages abroad at low prices.

List Roaming Rates 10 Destination Countries

Country Phone Rates SMS rates Unlimited Internet Tariff
Singapore 15,000/Min 7,500/SMS IDR 149.000/Day
South Korea 15,000/Min 7,500/SMS IDR 149.000/Day
Australia 15,000/Min 7,500/SMS IDR 149.000/Day
Thailand 15,000/Min 7,500/SMS IDR 149.000/Day
Japan 15,000/Min 7,500/SMS IDR 149.000/Day
United States of America 40,000/Minute 7,500/SMS Rp199.000/Day
Dutch 40,000/Minute 7,500/SMS Rp199.000/Day
English 40,000/Minute 7,500/SMS Rp199.000/Day
China 15,000/Min 7,500/SMS Rp199.000/Day
Saudi Arabia 6,000/Minute 1.500/SMS Rp39,900/Day

Terms of Use:

  1. Make sure the Data Roaming feature on your device is active. For activation on Android devices, you can start from Settings > More menu > Mobile Network > Data roaming. Change options to Activate / ACTIVATE to activate.
  2. Make sure the APN settings used on your device are indosatgprs.
  3. Package validity period and time zone refer to West Indonesia Time (WIB).
  4. To monitor the amount of usage, you can use the service Data Browsing Control. You will receive an SMS containing information about your data roaming usage when it is still below the normal usage limit. Data usage will be blocked when it exceeds the fair usage limit.

Price List for Overseas Internet Packages Indosat Asia Zone

Not Package Price Quota Date
1. 3 Days Package IDR 250.000 Infinite
2. 7 Days Package IDR 300,000 Infinite
3. 30 Days Package Rp450.000 Infinite

Country List :

Darussalam, Cambodia, India, Macao, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Brunei.

Price List for America and Europe Zone Indosat Roaming Packages

Not Package Price Quota Date
1. 3 Days Package Rp550.000 Infinite
2. 7 Days Package Rp900,000 Infinite
3. 30 Days Package Rp1.250.000 Infinite

Country List :

Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, Turkey, Albania, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Estonia , Finland, Greece.

How How to Activate Indosat IM3 Ooredoo & Mentari Roaming Packages?

  1. For prepaid customers, the international roaming feature is activated automatically. All you have to do is make sure your Indosat card still has an available balance to use this service. Also, make sure your card is still active, so you can make calls or receive calls, exchange SMS, and can use data services.
  2. For postpaid customers, Make sure the international roaming feature is activated and the card is not blocked. If it turns out that the number is blocked, please make an advance payment for the usage bill.

With the two options above, you can immediately enjoy unlimited Indosat overseas internet packages.

Applicable for use in Asia, Australia, America and Europe. This package has 3 activation options, namely 3 days, 5 days and 7 days packages.

To activate the Indosat internet roaming package itself is quite easy, with the USSD code *122*1# and make sure you have enough credit to activate this service.

To get information about data roaming usage, you just need to dial the USSD code *122*3#.

The benefit of using a roaming package is that you don’t need to buy a local card abroad, by activating the Indosat roaming feature you can still communicate while abroad.

Advantages and Tariff Conditions

Apart from being able to enjoy data access and getting cheaper rates than daily rates, several other benefits of activating an international roaming package include:

  1. Valid for all operators in a country, except for Satellite and Maritime operators.
  2. If your quota usage has reached the amount paid for the package purchase, then internet usage will be free, during the package period.
  3. If you have been registered in the Roaming Data Freedom package since you were in Indonesia, then when you arrive abroad, the Roaming Data Freedom package can be used immediately.

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Those are some lists and how to activate internet roaming packages from Indosat. Please choose for yourself which package is the most suitable for you. Good luck.

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