List of Best Lightweight PC Games For Low Spec PC (Potato) 2022

Hello guys, welcome back to, In this article there is an interesting discussion about the best lightweight PC games, which we will discuss and explain below.

The Best Lightweight PC Game From a variety of offline PC games that are currently available. Of course, of course there are also many games that require computer specifications that increase from year to year.

However, of all the offline PC games that are currently available, there are a number of lightweight offline PC games with safe specifications so that middle and lower players can feel the feeling of playing games.

So this time, we will share a list of lightweight PC games that are suitable for playing on a laptop or lower-middle class computer.

List of Best Lightweight PC Games

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Here is a list of some of the lightest PC games that we recommend for you game lovers, especially PC games, Read more below.

Dark Souls

An RPG game that makes all players scream in frustration with various game mechanics that lead to frustration. Of course for you, masochist players will definitely be very suitable when playing this game.

Dark Souls, a game developed by FromSoftware run by Bandai Namco, deserves a thumbs up. As the most difficult game with countless enemy resistance.

Game PC Ringan Crysis

One of the best graphic FPS game of its time. With a futuristic theme he brings along of course with a number of interesting stories throughout the game. Of course, the levels of play are more addictive and effective when it comes to unleashing various inflicted attacks.

Crysis, a game developed by Crytek, sets this game apart from the existing futuristic theme games. Of course, with the help of software Cry Engine which is fantastic in every visualization, animation and various effects that has become epic.

Resident Evil 3

An older game with a more pronounced sense of survival. With various counter mechanisms that are full of calculations. Featuring various annoying and tense zombies in each game. Of course, players are already familiar with the game.

This game is considered older, of course by all released sequels. Of course Resident Evil 3 is the most memorable sequel for lovers of the “Resident Evil” franchise series. This game developed by Capcom is clearly still very much played by players out there.

The Walking Dead Season 1

If this game will definitely make players affected by the history it offers. Of course with a variety of choices that are so tragic and heartless every game there.

With point-to-click gameplay mechanics, various choices considered difficult, the story with the most unexpected surprises and definitely the most memorable is a very amazing ending. Of course, for players who want to try games with interactive story themes, this game is probably the most important choice to give it a try.

Project Zomboid

Zombie game with survival game mechanics blends with the RPG concept. Make this a game, different from zombie survival games in general. With a different perspective than most zombie survival games.

This game, developed by one of the indie developers The Indie Stone, has really received a lot of positive feedback from world players. With the nature of the game mechanics that are considered difficult throughout the game.

With various explorations useful in gathering resources for survival needs, various building-based mechs are freely calculated with a massive amount of support materials and zombies with relatively annoying capacity.

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The Typing of The Dead Overkill

Zombie game with a very fun but interesting theme to try. With zombie fighting games that are quite different from other zombie games, which sometimes only rely on zombie games with such gameplay mechanics – all without any other interesting features.

However, in the game The Typing of the Dead Overkill, players will be asked to fight zombies by typing quickly. With the calculation of time that is sometimes relatively short and makes players careful in every type that exists.

The Wolf Among us

Game assuming story and reality combined into one. This is where players will see one of the fictional characters such as Snow White, Frog Prince, Timber Jack and others. But with a more mature theme and not intended for children.

Due to the different dialogues that are also cut, many unread words by children are contained. This game developed by Telltale Games, is really the first original game that is considered interesting and unique.

Featuring a wide selection of actions that influence the story, a variety of dialogue options with unexpected surprises, and interactive storytelling mechanics with game characters focused on solving clues as a typical detective game.

Game PC Dead Space

Dead Space, the first sequel game that was really successful in the market and is still being played by players all over the world from now until now. The game developed by Visceral Games is highly commendable for its rather tense first sequel.

With the mechanics of the survival game, various alien monsters are executed, which at each stage have their own level of difficulty and various weapons that can be upgraded with their respective abilities. Of course with a tense and brutal game sensation.

Game PC Ringan Outlast

It is suggested that one of these games, called the game, makes the hearts of the players fumble through the game at hand. Of course, from the great feeling that looks extreme, this game also contains a lot of unexpected jump protection.

Game Outlast, developed by Red Barrells, has its own horror sensation in every game it offers. With non-resistance survival game mechanics shown in this game. For players who play it will feel worried.

With a game hiding mechanism, which is supported by the camcorder as an existing lighting tool. With a number of enemies in each scene tense and dark atmosphere combined with sinister blood throughout the game.

Welcome to The Game 2

The elements of the game that blend with many real videos that, on the one hand, reap the horror that exists. With the various types of terror that he serves, he also feels strong and visible.

Welcome to The Game, one of those hacking-themed games in the real world that, on the one hand, evokes its own horror of the crimes committed by the virtual mafia served in the game. This game developed by Reflect Studios offers another horror sensation.

By taking the game mechanics where players have to prevent hacker attacks in various relatively simple ways. Where players will be faced with a screen with various useful binary clues to prevent attacks from existing criminals.

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Those are some light PC games that we recommend just for you, you can choose them according to the genre you like, Thank you.

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