List of Best and Fastest MLBB HP Regen Heroes (Update)

The King of MLBB Champions Regen? Nambanation friends, Yu Zhong deserves to be called the King of HP regen in Mobile Legends?

It might be one of them, but there is another hero in Mobile Legends who deserves to be called the best regen king according to Nambanation.

Certainly no stranger to heroes with the ability to regenerate in Mobile Legends, this outstanding hero can add his blood HP.

There are even some heroes who can replenish their HP very quickly, in just a matter of seconds their blood can be filled up again.

Related to that, we have one MLBB champ named “The King of Reagan”, who is he?

Yes, Uranus. Some of you might think that Yu Zhong, Franco, or Grock is the King of Regin, but in fact that’s wrong.

The real king is Uranus! Uranus’ ability to regenerate is much better than Yu Zhong’s or other Mobile Legends heroes.

Since Uranus had a recovery skill from his second and third skill, specifically the third skill, the Regen skill being produced was so great that his entire blood could be filled in just a few seconds.

This is what makes Uranus worthy of being called the King of HP Regen, no other hero has a better recovery ability than Uranus.

Then there is an Immortal, if he took Yue Zong back from his opponent, it would be completely different from an Immortal. Khalid got a huge recovery from himself precisely from Khalid’s second skill.

Belerick is also included in the list because his recovery is no less powerful than other Regen heroes. It could even be said that Belerick relied heavily on his regeneration abilities when fighting.

Last but not least is Gloo, who has amazing and unique abilities that can split his body which is why the name Gloo deserves to be added to the list.

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