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Link to Watch KKN in Dancer Village | Hello guys, back again with the admin who always gives updated info that is viral.

Currently, one of the things that is viral among the Indonesian people is the KKN film in the Dancer Village. Who doesn’t know about movies that are booming right now?

This horror film, which is based on a true story, has been watched by more than 8 million people in less than a month in theaters. In fact, many people have run out of tickets to watch this film.

This horror film became very popular because of a viral thread on twitter in 2019 whose story was very interesting. That’s why many people are waiting for the screening of the horror film which was delayed for 2 years.

Because the story is interesting and many people have run out of tickets too, so now many people are looking for links to watch this film on several sites such as Rebahin, Indoxxi, LK21 and other sites.

So, at this time, will provide a review of the KKN film in Penari Village as well as a link for you to watch this film. For that, just take a look at the following review, guys.

KKN Film Review in Dancer Village

Link to Watch KKN in Dancer Village

The KKN film in Desa Penari is one of the horror films taken from a true story, this story was told by an account called @simpleMan on twitter in 2019.

Before it was made into a booming film, the story about KKN in the Dancer Village was viral in 2019. This story tells about the experiences of 6 students’ KKN in a village called the dancer village.

The KKN film in Penari Village which has been shown in theaters consists of two versions, namely the uncut version and the cut version.

The uncut version is a version that is specifically for audiences aged 17 years and over, while the cut version is a version for family viewers or those aged 13 years and over.

The KKN film in Penari Village with the uncut version contains scenes that can only be enjoyed by viewers over 17 years of age.

The film, which was produced by MD Pictures and directed by Awi Suryadi, has successfully hypnotized the audience. In fact, this film has been watched by more than 8 million people in less than 1 month.

Synopsis of KKN Dancer Village

The story in this film begins with 6 students who are doing community service activities in a remote village.

The group has 6 members, namely Widya (Adinda Thomas), Bima (Achmad Megantara), Anton (Calvin Jeremy), Nur (Tissa Biani), Ayu (Aghniny Haque) and Wahyu (M. Fajar Nugraha).

A group of students who were undergoing KKN did not think that the village they had chosen was not a random village.

A village head named Pak Prabu (Kiki Narendra) has warned them not to cross the forbidden gate.

Where the gate is a door to go to Tapak Tilas. The place is a mysterious place that has to do with a spirit named Badarawuhi (Aulia Sarah).

The subtle creature is a dancer who annoys Nur and Widya, but Nur is guarded by her khodam named Mbah Ndok (Dewi Sri).

One by one, the group members began to feel strange things in the village, starting from Bima changing his attitude until their KKN group work program was not finished because the supernatural beings in the village did not like their arrival.

In the end, one of their members named Nur learned a surprising fact that had fatal consequences for their KKN activities.

In fact, one of their members violated the rules in the village, so they felt a lot of mystical things when carrying out KKN.

The figure of a dancer named Badarawuhi terrorized them even more so that they asked for help from a local shaman named Mbah Buyut (Wall Boneng).

But unfortunately the help was too late and they were in danger of not being able to return home safely from the dancer village.

Link to Watch KKN in Dancer Village

Many people are looking for links to watch KKN films at the Dancer Village, but unfortunately this film itself is not yet available on online watching sites such as LK21, Telegram, Online Cinema or other sites.

But don’t worry, especially for loyal visitors to, the admin has provided the link to watch it below.

For those of you who want to watch KKN at the Dancer Village, please visit the link below, you will be directed to the site and you must first register using a Gmail account .

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Unique Facts about KKN Films in Dancer Village

It turns out that there are unique facts from the story and the KKN film in the Dancing Village, guys, so here I have summarized some unique facts from the KKN film in the Dancer Village.

1. Original Photo of KKN Students in Dancer Village

This film premiered on April 30, 2022, there is a photo circulating on social media and makes netizens speculate.

The photo is a photo when Adinda Thomas was on the set of the KKN film in Penari Village with Dewi Sri and the red woman and young man.

Many netizens thought that the woman with the red veil was the real Nur and had participated in KKN in the Dancer Village in the 90s.

Meanwhile, the young man standing next to the woman is suspected to be the author of the story on Twitter, namely SimpleMan.

2. The Original Place of Community Service in the Dancer Village

From the beginning this story emerged and went viral, many people were curious about the original place of the story.

Many speculations have sprung up about the original place of KKN in Penari Village. There are even some people who come directly to the place that is said to be the original place.

One of the cities in East Java is the city of Banyuwangi which is suspected to be the place where the students are doing KKN.

3. Not 6 Students

SimpleMan stated in his do twitter thread that actually there were 14 students participating in this KKN activity.

The reason SimpleMan tells only 6 people in the story is to simplify and shorten the story.

4. Name of Student University in the Story of KKN Dancing Village

Because this film is very booming, many netizens are also looking for information about KKN in this Dancer Village.

One of them is the name of the University of the student in the story. There are some netizens who speculate that the name of the university of the student is between UNESA and UNTAG Surabaya.


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