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Synopsis of Novel Remarriage Never And Go Away Full Chapter

After four years of marriage, there is no love in Sue Lan and Song Ting Yu’s relationship, Sue’s pregnancy forces them to get married.

Song Ting Yu thought Sue Lan was the conspirator who tricked him into the Song family, so he immediately went overseas with his girlfriend after that night the two decided to vow to marry. “I went abroad and will never come back again,” he said when meeting his son.

Four years later, Sue Lan and Son Ting Yu’s son, Son Wei Shi, is diagnosed with a rare disease. Ting Yu’s grandmother, Song, knew that the situation was urgent and she was asked by Song Ting Yu to come home to help with her current situation.

Song Ting Yu couldn’t help but go home so he ended up going home. He returned to meet his wife and child who had long been abandoned. Su Ran promised Ting Yu that she would sign the divorce papers if she would help him.

Curious about the continuation of their story? Did Song Ting Yu agree to this proposal? Will Song Wei Shi still go or stay after he recovers later? Will their family love grow?

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Link Read Novel Remarriage Never And Go Away

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