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Chinese dramas have stories that don’t make you feel better than Korean dramas? One that is busy at the moment and is being discussed by netizens is Destined to Meet You. Those of you who are curious to watch Destined to Meet You Sub Indo, check out the full review below.

Destined to Meet You is the latest Chinese drama that tells of a career woman who marries a student, the story presented is quite entertaining coupled with comedy stories that are tucked into several scenes.

The drama with another title Lovely Sister premiered on May 13, 2022 with 20 episodes with a duration of only 10 minutes. Destined to Meet You can be an alternative for those of you who don’t like the long viewing duration. airs every Monday to Sunday on Youku.

Here’s the trailer, synopsis, cast list, and the site for watching Destined to Meet You Indo Sub.

Trailer dan Sinopsis Destined To Meet You

Destined To Meet You tells the story of a domestic love between Gu Cong Bei (Yang Ze) and Rong Rong (Lu Yan Qi).

Jin Rong Rong is a general manager of a Chinese conglomerate family from Grub Jinchao, one day Rong Rong was conducting an inspection of one of his businesses.

There he accidentally met Gu Cong Bei who was performing, the two of them got to know each other.

It turned out that their meeting did not happen only once, the next day Gu Cong Bei and Jin Rong Rong met again on a blind date.

Source: YouTube

From there, the two decided to get married because they felt compatible and had something in common. Over time, Gu Cong Bei’s identity was revealed.

Gu Cong Bei turned out to be the third child of the Gu family and he was still a student, besides that there were many things that were revealed, namely strange things behind their accidental meeting that the two of them experienced.

So what about their marriage? Will they be able to get through all the trials that come their way?

Cast List of Destined to Meet You

  • Yang Ze as Gu Cong Bei
  • Lu Yan Qi sebagai Jin Rong Rong
  • Ni Han Jin sebagai Jin Xi Chen
  • Guo Jia Yu sebagai Liang Jing Jing
  • An Qin Fu sebagai Qiu Bi

Fakta Menarik Destined To Meet You

fakta Destined To Meet You Sub Indo
Source: YouTube

Before you watch it, make sure you know some of the facts in the Destined To Meet You series, here is a review that has summarized specifically for you.

  • Destined To Meet You didaptasi dari web novel dengan judul “Ba Hun, Xu Mo Yi Jiu” karya Yu Ge.
  • This 20-episode drama airs for only 10 minutes in each episode. This drama airs every Monday to Sunday.
  • Destined To Meet You, directed by Zeng Qing Jie, his name is still relatively new, but he has worked on several popular Chinese dramas, one of which is The Killer Is Also Romantic.
  • The drama, which premiered on May 13, took Lu Yan Qi as the main player, Lu Yan Qi’s name itself is famous in many Chinese series, one of which is LOVE 020.

Nonton Destined To Meet You Sub Indo

  • Judul: Destined To Meet You
  • Judul Lain: Lovely Sister , Bie Gen Jie Jie Sa Ye , Bie Dui Jie Jie Sa Ye
  • Judul China: Don’t go wild with your sister
  • Genre: Comedy, Romantic, Drama
  • Sutradara: Zeng Qin Jie
  • Number of episodes: 20
  • Release Date: May 13, 2022- May 21, 2022
  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Showtimes: Monday-Sunday
  • Distributor: Youko
  • Country: China
  • Mandarin language

The latest Chinese drama Destined To Meet You collaborates with Youku as the main distributor as the broadcast rights holder, but unfortunately this Beijing-based video streaming platform cannot be accessed outside of China.

link Nonton Destined To Meet You Sub Indo
Source: YouTube

But you don’t need to worry that this subsidiary of Alibaba Group Holding Limited has the official YouTube Youku which can be accessed for fans of international Chinese dramas including Indonesia.

On the official YouTube account, Indonesian translation is also available and the episodes are also quite complete. lol.

How to Watch Destined To Meet You Sub Indo without Internet Quota

Many of us feel that watching YouTube movies can use up our quota, right? But don’t worry has tips for watching Destined To Meet You on YouTube without consuming quota

  • Open YouTube App
  • Cari video official YouTube Youku
  • Pilih drama Destined To Meet You
  • At the bottom of the video click the save button (download)
  • Select the video quality that you want to add. When finished, users can find saved videos in the Offline menu

By saving videos online, the videos are automatically saved on your phone, so you can play them back without needing a quota anymore.


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