Link Full Video Ardhito Pramono Viral Twitter

TUDEPOIN.COM – Ardhito Pramono’s Full Video link is currently being hunted by netizens after his private footage was leaked to social networks at the end of July 2022.

A video similar to Ardhito Pramono contains footage showing the action of a man masturbating, while wearing earphones in a room.

Various online newspapers in the country have reported a lot about the exciting video, an adult recording that dragged the name of musician Ardhito Pramono.

The recording also reaped various comments from netizens, some questioned the clarity of the video, is it true Ardhito? some even compare it with an old photo of Ardhito in February 2017.

“I almost couldn’t believe it, but how come the painting and the wall are the same,” said a Facebook user who had tried to examine the viral footage.

“Make Ardhito excited, I don’t care about videos that go viral, I will still listen to the works of Ardhito Pramono and other Indonesian musicians.” Tweet one Twitter user named @regiandd3.

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