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Lightroom Mod Apk 6.1.0 Full Preset Premium All Latest Unlocked 2022

Light Room Mode – Hello Friends Uptodown, back again with mimin today. How are you guys? May you always be given health. As usual, Mimin will provide the latest information about the latest and most popular applications, games and tips and tricks at this time.

Well, in this article, I want to recommend an application that has been used by many people. This application is an editing application. This application is very suitable for both beginners and professionals.

The editing application is light room mode. Surely you are no stranger to this application who likes to edit photos. However, for beginners who don’t know the application at all, you can see the review below.

In creating beautiful photos, now it doesn’t have to be done by professionals and using PC devices. Now, even ordinary people can do it and the most important thing is by using their mobile phone.

Especially now, with the support of a good camera from a cellphone, it will make the photos you capture look like using a digital camera.

Then add to the elegant impression of the photo, of course, it requires polishing an editing application. Now there are many photo editing applications that offer extraordinary features.

So, now you don’t have to need a PC device and do it on a mobile device to get efficient results.

Some photo editing mobile applications have their own advantages, one of which is an application made by the Adobe company, namely the Lightroom application. To find out what is contained in this mobile version of the application, see the further review below.

Adobe Lightroom App

The Adobe Lightroom application is an application made by adobe that can now be run on the Android operating system that allows you to manage the photos you have, synchronize them with other devices, and can process raw files from digital cameras.

You can create as many directories as you want and adapt to other devices. The interface displayed in this application is very elegant and easy to use.


Apart from that, you can edit any photo just by using the available Adobe tools. The best thing this app can do is that you can use various gesture shortcuts to be able to perform familiar actions in an easy way.

In the original application, for those of you who do not have a Light room account or other Adobe packages, this application is only a trial. So, you are free to use this app for thirty days, but after that, you have to pay.

Undoubtedly, the App is an excellent photography app. The interface is elegant and also offers high quality features. However, the subscription price may sound expensive but it is worth the features offered.

Advantages of Lightroom

This application has its own advantages compared to other photo editing applications where this application has quite a lot of functions.


Among other things: modifying the color of the photo, cleaning annoying noise, adjusting the brightness level, adding other color effects and also making it look more attractive. The effect of this coloring is a distinct advantage for this application.

Adobe Lightroom Features

The features available in the light room application are no less numerous than those on the PC version. Immediately, this is the application feature that Mimin summarizes below.

Simple Appearance

This application has a very simple interface and is quite easy to understand. Even beginners can quickly adapt to the menus in this application.

By combining a dark or dark background color, your eyes will not hurt when editing it. It can also support you to edit many other photos.

Create Your Own Preset

You also have the freedom to create custom presets that allow you to freely modify or create your own preferred version. However, you have to understand the default formula first in this application.

Buddy can create your own presets using common tools available in the application download lightroom full mod this. These include Tone Curve, Vignetting, Split Toning, Color/B$W and many others.

Cloud Sync

Equipped with this feature, it will make it easier for you to save photos from any device.

Crop and Rotation

Maybe for those of you who are new to taking photos but too many views are captured, you can crop them using the app Lightroom Mod Apk Full Preset this. In addition, you can rotate photos to make them look neat.

Brighten Images

If the photo you take looks dark, you can use one of these features to help you increase the brightness of the photo.

The trick is to use the tone curve feature, press and drag the line to fix the brightness. You can also adjust the brightness at some point.

Saved Edit History

Not much is as perfect as this application, which is when you export a project to an image format, the project file will disappear automatically if you don’t save it. But by using this application, you can still see the editing history if you want to edit it again.

This application has quite a lot of benefits if you have an unfinished editing process or if you want to add some other effects. Even without a friend save, this application will automatically save after making modifications.

Snapshots Directly From the App

Photo editing applications are not as easy as this, you can take pictures directly through the application light room mode this. So you don’t have to bother importing photo files.

System Defaults

This application provides a system default, which is a collection of settings or settings that have been used. This will allow you to use the settings directly to edit the photo.

Color Correction

There is a color correction function or color setting which will certainly make it easier for you to correct the color in the photo you want to edit.

In addition, on the application light space mod apk Here, there are several different color choices. So here you can channel your creativity to combine some of the right color combinations.

Support All Versions

Can be installed in almost all versions of the old Android system as well as the latest version.

Support At Low Specifications

In terms of device support, this application does not require high device specifications and is smooth on the device you have. Because of the app download lightroom mod apk full preset 2019 it can run on low to mid-range Android devices.


You can download this Light room application through the play store but you will only get the main features. However, by using the app lightroom premium free You can get some of the mod features below.

1000+ Free Presets

Usually for the original version that you get on the play store, you have to make your own preset. Of course it will take a very long time to edit. But with this download, you won’t be bothered to make your own presets.


On app lightroom mod indonesia there are already 1000+ presets available to make your photos beautiful. Buddy can change your photo based on the atmosphere of the photo background that you capture.


Anti Ads

The second feature of lightroom mod presets apk you can get it if you use the application. Of course this will be very helpful for you during the editing process, you will not be disturbed by the name of the ad.

Download Lightroom Mod Apk

With the features provided, of course, you can’t wait to download it, right? Immediately for those of you who want download lightroom mod full preset You can click the download link below.

Download Lightroom Mod Apk v.2.3.2

Details Download Lightroom Mod Apk
Apk Name : Lightroom Mod Apk v.2.3.2
Version : v2.3.2
Apk Size : 65MB Apk
Genre : Editing Pot
Publisher : Adobe
Renew : 26 January 2020
Root : Not
Android : Android 4.1 or above.

Download Lightroom Mod Apk v4.4.1

Details Download Lightroom Mod Apk
Apk Name : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mod Apk Full Preset
Version : v4.4.1
Apk Size : 52MB Apk
Genre : Editing Pot
Publisher : Adobe
Renew : July 25, 2019
Root : Not
Android : Android 2.3++.

Download Lightroom Mod Apk 4.4.1 Arm64

Details Download Lightroom Mod Apk
Apk Name : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mod Apk Full Preset
Version : v4.4.1
Apk Size : 52MB Apk
Genre : Editing Pot
Publisher : Adobe
Renew : July 25, 2019
Root : Not
Android : Android 2.3++.

Download Lightroom Mod Apk 4.4.1 Arm 86

Details Download Lightroom Mod Apk
Apk Name : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mod Apk Full Preset
Version : v4.4.1
Apk Size : 52MB Apk
Genre : Editing Pot
Publisher : Adobe
Renew : July 25, 2019
Root : Not
Android : Android 2.3++.

Download Lightroom Mod Apk 4.3.1

Details Download Lightroom Mod Apk
Apk Name : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mod Apk Full Preset
Version : v4.3.1
Apk Size : 52MB Apk
Genre : Editing Pot
Publisher : Adobe
Renew : July 25, 2019
Root : Not
Android : Android 2.3++.

Lightroom Premium Mod Apk Version 5 Arm64

Lightroom Premium Mod Apk Version 5 Arm86

Lightroom Premium Mod Apk Version 5 Armeabi

Lightroom Premium Mod Apk v5.1

Download Lightroom Mod Apk 6.10 Full Preset (Unlocked Premium)

Version 6.1.0
Developer Adobe
Required device Android 5.0
Size 93.17 MB
Renew 10-12-2020
Features Fully Unlocked
Note: Please reload and after opening the app do not login.

How to Install Apk

Immediately, for those of you who want to install this application, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step, my friend, first download the file Download mod adobe lightroom which I have shared above.
  • After you download it, don’t install it first. Buddy must turn on and check “unknown source” or “unknown source” in the privacy settings of the phone.
  • If the steps above have been done, you can directly click and install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.


That’s the article about light room mode what mimin shares, hopefully it can be useful for friends who are looking for cool games. Continue to support me by sharing this article on other friends’ social media. That’s all from mimin and thank you.

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