LifeAfter Survival Mobile Game Will Collaborate With Resident Evil – For fans of the LifeAfter survival-themed game, there is good news for you. Because NetEase has just announced a collaborative project with game development company Capcom through the popular game Resident Evil. The collaboration is planned to take place from August 27 to September 10.

This collaboration will later feature some of the famous icons in the game Resident Evil into the LifeAfter game play. For example, the location of the Raccoon City Department, a row of iconic bosses from Resident evil such as Menesis, Tyrant, Executioner Majini, to G. Then several main characters such as Leon S Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, and Albert Wesker will also be featured in this collaboration.

During the event, players will be presented with various puzzle-solving challenges that are available. Also there are some easter eggs waiting to be found. In addition, players can also use various skins from the Resident Evil game, such as Leon’s skin, Ada Wong, the iconic zombie dog, as well as several vehicle displays in the RE game series.

For players who take part in this event will receive a number of prizes in the form of:

  • Statue of the character Ada Wong
  • Special event photo frames
  • Gift pack supplies

Players who want to take part in this event can pre-register directly through the official page NetEase. Meanwhile, further announcements can be found via the account fanspage Official LifeAfter on Facebook.

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