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Chapter 2650

Tang Kai shuddered when he saw Ji Ziyuan’s handsome face turning cold.

Ji’s Ji Ziyuan has always been a ruthless person, otherwise he would not be today.

Ruan Yan was still too stupid.

“Mr. Ji, it’s not good.” The secretary rushed in, “Just now it was reported on the Internet that the vice president of our hospital in Lushi received bribes from a pharmaceutical company, and it was reported that doctors in Nanshi received kickbacks. Now a lot of reporters are downstairs in the head office.”

“Where are the reporters taking the lead?” Ji Ziyuan asked coldly.

The secretary thought for a while and said, “It seems to be from Beijing TV.”

“Contact the public relations department immediately and have a meeting.” Ji Ziyuan motioned for the secretary to push him over.

“Mr. Ji, Ruan Yan’s side…” Tang Kai asked hesitantly.

“Control her as soon as possible.” Ji Ziyuan almost said in a gnashing voice.


When Tang Kai took someone to the villa to find Ruan Yan, the subordinate who was sitting in the co-pilot suddenly said, “Boss Tang, Ruan Yan recorded a video and posted it on the Flying Eagle.”

“Bring it here and have a look.”

Tang Kai grabbed the phone and clicked it.

Ruan Yan inside was wearing a white T with a ball head, and her face was beautiful and clean.

“Hello everyone, I’m Ruan Yan. I believe everyone should know that I haven’t appeared in the public eye for a while. People in the know may know the reason, because… I was banned and was banned by Fan Yuying. I was personally ordered by the president of Ji’s Group. Who dares to invite me to make a movie, then the medical resources of Ji’s Hospital will be closed to the person who helped me. Everyone gets sick sometimes, so I have no filming now. It’s gone.”

Tang Kai only felt the cold sweat on his forehead.came out.

“Is Ruan Yan crazy?” the subordinate said.

Tang Kai felt a chill down his spine.

Whether Ruan Yan is crazy, he doesn’t know.

Ji Ziyuan must be going crazy.

Ruan Yan in the video went on to say: “Of course, I don’t actually want to film anymore. For filming, I paid too much and I was too tired. Everyone must be wondering why Ji Ziyuan wanted to block me, right?”

“Because last year . At that time, Ji Ziyuan fell in love with me and asked me to sleep with him. I refused many times. Later, he used despicable means to persecute me. I can’t agree with his character, but how could I possibly be his opponent.”

“Later I moved to where he lived. How can I put it, when I lived with him, he was a little new at first, right? Later, he basically didn’t see me as a human being. He probably regarded me as a cat and a dog. In his bones, he looked down on women. When he was in a good mood, he was a little nicer to you. When he was in a bad mood, you were his venting tool.

” I’ve been enduring it until he got tired of me. When he got back with Tang Qin, I thought I had a chance to leave, but he still didn’t let me go.”

“The most unbearable thing for me is that some time ago, Fan Entertainment broke out all kinds of scandals, and Tang Qin was also involved. He pushed me out without hesitation to block the gun. I had a good relationship with Pei Mochen, which was rendered as an unbearable deal by them.”

“Who I can accept this kind of thing. In the end, I really can’t stand it, but I can’t do anything about it. I can’t fight it, so I have to admit it. I only have one request. The company forced me to go back to sign a contract to earn money, I had no choice but to sign a contract, but I refused the company’s arrangement, and Ji Ziyuan simply blocked me.”

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