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Chapter 2648

“I think… it’s Ruan Yan.”

Ji Ziyuan flicked the soot and smiled.

If it was before, he might not doubt it.

But what Ruan Yan said in his villa last time, how hated he was.

In addition, Ruan Yan plans to leave the entertainment industry, she doesn’t care about the way back.

“Ruan Yan?” Du Xuan was stunned, “Why did she do this, the company held her up with one hand.”

“Because she hates me.”

Hate him for forcing her to obey him with despicable means.

On the bed, he also tramples on her and humiliates her.

Ji Ziyuan suddenly realized deeply that he had underestimated Ruan Yan.

Or Ruan Yan hid too deeply.

She obviously hated her own humiliation so much, yet she could endure and hide under him.

Oh, he really had never seen such a woman before.

Du Xuan opened his mouth slightly, “Then I’ll contact Ruan Yan…”

“Mr. Ji, it’s not good.”

Secretary Hu Qin suddenly knocked on the door with a tablet, “It broke out on the Internet that you and Tang Qin It ‘s something that happened.”

Ji Ziyuan took a look at the tablet and saw that Tang Qin was shopping with Ji’s mother some time ago. The most explosive one is the video of Tang Qin holding his hand into the presidential suite, and in the clubhouse, Tang Qin Qin Xiaoniaoyiren posted a photo of him sitting on the sofa.

Many things were from last year, but at that time, some people would not dare to post it on the Internet after seeing it, so he didn’t care.

Now, the entertainment industry is veryMany reporters dared to break the news.

[Look, look, I guessed right, Ji Ziyuan is indeed Tang Qin’s gold master, no wonder Tang Qin has so many resources to come back after stealing Lisa’s songs. ]

[I don’t understand, Tang Qin doesn’t look particularly beautiful in the entertainment industry. Does Ji Ziyuan have bad eyesight? ]

[Maybe Tang Qin’s bed technique is very good. ]

[Don’t say that upstairs, maybe it’s true love, you see Tang Qin is shopping with Ji’s mother. ]


【That is, you love to eat shit, there is no need to stuff it for us. 】


Ji Ziyuan threw the tablet and said with a cold face, “You go out first and deal with the matter at hand.”

Seeing that his face was not very good, everyone rushed to avoid and hide. .

After the door closed, Ji Ziyuan picked up the landline and dialed Ruan Yan.

“Hello.” A cold voice came from inside.

Ji Ziyuan only felt the flames rush to the top of his head, “Ruan Yan, did you break out the matter between me and Tang Qin, and the company’s artistes?”

“Yeah.” Ruan Yan admitted generously. “Wonderful?”

“Ruan Yan, do you have to court death?” Ji Ziyuan’s eyes changed suddenly, “Do you think I really can’t do anything about you?”

“Mr. Ji, your parents probably didn’t give it to you . I’ve been in class, I’m just giving you a good class, don’t look down on women.

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