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Chapter 2646

“If the other party can keep giving Fenghong a steady stream of money, Fanyu…may have to leave sooner or later.” Du Xuan said what was in his heart, “You don’t know, these few days Fenghong’s people offered high prices to poach several big-name artists from our company, and even Fenghong was willing to pay compensation, the company’s Zhan Yi has already proposed to terminate the contract.”

Ji Ziyuan’s face suddenly turned cold, “Why didn’t you follow me? Say.”

“You are injured, and I will not affect your mood.” Du Xuan smiled bitterly, “Recently, the company is really not very good, many directors do not consider our company’s actors, we do not have scenes, and it is difficult to receive advertisements, Ruan Yan I’m not filming anymore, and now even Zhanyi is leaving…”

“It seems that the other party is really prepared, and it is very likely that there will be other moves.”

Ji Ziyuan is very clear that he is attacking the entertainment industry. The plan is probably going to die.

The most important thing now is that Ji’s image must be maintained.

“Du Xuan, you find a relationship with me. Hot searches must be suppressed. No matter how much it costs, Ji’s negative news should be deleted. If the other party is unwilling, you should ask the other party to consider the consequences of offending Ji’s.” Ji Ziyuan warned.

Du Xuan’s scalp was numb, and there was suffering.

Fanyu used to be the leader of the entertainment industry, but now Fenghong has risen, can others keep their mouths shut?

He wasn’t quite sure either.

At this moment, Ji Ziyuan’s phone rang.

Ji Zehao’s angry voice came from inside, “Ji Ziyuan, you have done a good deed, Ji Shi is famous again because of you, I have reminded you a long time ago that you should not enter the entertainment circle, you don’t listen to me, you are self-righteous, not wrong. If you want to eat a fat man in one go, it’s still hurting Ji’s, youTalk to the board yourself.

Ji Ziyuan rubbed his eyebrows, “I’ll come to the company right away . “

“You better hurry up.” “Ji Zehao said angrily, “Ji’s has been envied by people these years, and can’t be dragged into the water, understand. “

the top floor of the clubhouse.

Ruan Yan sat quietly in front of the bar with a red wine glass and overlooked the scenery of the capital.

“Du Xuan asked Mr. Wu from Flying Eagle Video and said harshly, Mr. Wu was still a little afraid of Ji Zi Yuan, there is a meaning to stop. “

It’s a pity that Qiu Haolin sat opposite Ruan Yan,” it’s a pity, if there is more fire, Ji Ziyuan might even be shaken as chairman of the Ji family… “

Ji’s water is very deep, even if Ji Ziyuan doesn’t take action, Ji’s directors won’t let things spread.

Ruan Yan was quite calm, “Let President Wu agree to Du Xuan . “

Then our plan…. “

The roots of the Ji family are here, so it’s normal for President Wu to be taboo.” Ruan Yan hooked her red lips and shook her head, “Ji Ziyuan’s arrogant confidence is nothing more than Ji Shi, if one day Ji Shi is in trouble. “

“What do you mean?” Qiu Haolin took a deep breath and stared at the courageous woman in front of him

. Ruan Yan lost the list and went over. “There are also foreign companies that are coveting them. Ji Ziyuan’s life is too comfortable, which makes him more and more proud and self-confident. It’s time to find something for him.

Qiu Haolin clicked his tongue, “Don’t provoke women casually, I believe it . “

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