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Chapter 2644


Ji Ziyuan got into the car without a single glance, he suddenly remembered what Ruan Yan said.

She said that in her heart, Ning Xiaoxiao is not as good as Ning Lexia. ” Lawyer

Long…” Ji Ziyuan put his hand on the car door and asked coldly, “Did the case of Ning Xiaoxiao have a lot of loopholes?”

“It’s Mr. Ji who said you must win. If you don’t win, let me go.”


Oh, right?

Turns out he said that too.

Ji Ziyuan slammed the door and got into the car without a single glance.

Tang Kai looked at Lawyer Long and shook his head angrily.

Lawyer Long looked puzzled. Did he do something wrong? He also used money to do things.

In the car, Ji Ziyuan instructed the driver, “Go to the bar.”

“Mr. Ji, you are injured and cannot drink.” Tang Kai looked embarrassed.

Ji Ziyuan glared at him coldly, and Tang Kai, who stared at him, didn’t dare to say a word.

He had several bottles of wine at the bar.

was dizzy when he woke up in the villa the next day.

It wasn’t until after going downstairs and seeing Tang Kai walking around in the living room that he said, “Let someone bring breakfast.”

“Mr. Ji, you…the news about your visit to the police station yesterday. Tang Kai hesitated and said, “There are two media in the entertainment news that Ruan Yan went to the police station to report that you wanted to kill her.”

Ji Ziyuan’s eyes tightened, and he ordered coldly, “Show me.”

Tang Kai quickly handed him the phone.

Ji Ziyuan swiped the screen a few times, hehe, he was not only on the entertainment news, but also on the hot search.

Two media outlets took photos of Ruan Yan entering the police station, and the article also gave a very sturdy name: [Ruan Yan reported to the police that Ji Ziyuan wanted to murder her].

There are also scars on Ruan Yan’s neck in the photo, which looks shocking.My god, Ruan Yan is so pitiful, kiss and hug, my goddess should not be treated like this. 】

【Who is Ji Ziyuan, who dares to pinch our Ruan Yan’s neck, it’s so serious, it has to be pinched hard. 】

【I am a forensic doctor, and I have seen a lot of strangled deceased leaving traces similar to those on Ruan Yan’s body, definitely strangling to death. 】

【No, what identity does Ji Ziyuan have to pinch us Ruan Yan’s neck? ]

[Hehe, let me give you some popular science, Ji Ziyuan, chairman and president of Ji’s Group, chairman of Fanyu Pictures, Ji’s medical resources are all over the world, most of the private hospitals in China belong to Ji’s, Forbes In the first half of the year, the list announced that Ji Ziyuan was worth 200 billion US dollars. He is currently worth more than Alvin, and is on a par with Song Junyue. ]

[Grasping the grass, it’s so awesome, no wonder it’s so arrogant, no wonder the former vice president of Fanyu dared to sleep with the artist below, it turned out to be backing Ji Ziyuan. ]

[I don’t know any Ji Ziyuan, but there is a very good doctor named Ji Ziyuan in Jingcheng Hospital. He is very good-looking and the doctor is very good. ]

[I’ve seen what I said upstairs, and he’s really handsome. It is said that you have to make an appointment to queue up for surgery. ]

[Ji Ziyuan himself is indeed a very good doctor, but this person is very caring. Anyway, several actresses in the circle have something to do with him, and he is the one who supported him. ]

[I heard that Fan Yu was choosing a concubine before, so Ji Ziyuan shouldn’t be the one who really chose the concubine. ]

[Everyone remember Tang Qin, there are rumors that Tang Qin’s resources are so good. I have a news friend in the financial industry. They say that Tang Qin and Ji’s wife are very close. It is estimated that Tang Qin may be Ji Ziyuan’s woman. The last time the affair between Ruan Yan and Pei Mochen broke out was that the company used Ruan Yan to block Tang Qin’s gun. ]

[With that being said, it’s really possible that Tang Qin was still on the hot search the day before Ruan Yan’s accident. ]


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