Lend Jamaican players shoes, Malaysian ‘coach’ willing to go barefoot to win praise

Since this morning, a video showing the high sportsmanship spirit of the Indonesian men’s singles badminton coach, Hendrawan, has become the talk of the sport lovers.

Either way, through video footage shared during the national men’s singles badminton match, Ng Tze Yong against players from Jamaica at the Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022, looks a very moving moment.

Jamaican football boots ripped

At that time, the shoe used by the player from Jamaica was torn and did not bring spare shoes, so his party had to cut off the excess sole of the torn shoe so as not to interfere with the focus of the match.

Take off your shoes and lend them

However, coach Hendra who was at the Malaysian player’s side rushed to the Jamaican player to help by taking off the shoes he was wearing and giving them to him.

The emotional moment was successfully captured on camera when the middle-aged coach was seen barefoot on the field while watching his son’s match.

@wanyqt23 Cuteee jaaaa yong come and ask Ricketts🥹 the sportsmanship🤝 the story of shoes with a happy ending🥰 #commonwealthgames2022 #ngtzeyong #badmintonmalaysia #coachhendrawan ♬ Gemilang – Ella

The sharing made by a TikTok user known as @wanyqt23 drew various responses from netizens.

Receive a lot of compliments

On average, coach Hendrawan praised the quick action that showed high sportsmanship towards the opponent.

This certainly made many parties proud because the assistance provided had a positive effect on both players during the match.

Will be a catalyst for success

Source: TikTok wanyqt23

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