LeBron James Jokes About Savannah’s Wife Who Looks Homeless (Video)

LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers failed to make the playoffs this year. Because of that, he had a lot of free time.

Over the past few weeks, LeBron has really embraced social media. Case in point: his recent attempt to keep up with new TikTok trends.

In a video that for obvious reasons has gone viral, LeBron is seen showing that his makeup-free wife, Savannah, looks homeless while lying in bed.

The video mostly speaks for itself:

“Love a girl who can kill one day and look homeless the next. Balance, dear,” came a voice from the audio.

Savannah wasted no time in replying in the comments section.

Obviously it was all a joke between a happily married couple, but fans on Instagram couldn’t help but let LeBron know that he had made a mistake.

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The topic of LeBron and Savannah’s wedding has been making headlines in recent days. Especially since the Real Housewives star made some pretty lewd accusations about them recently.

And LeBron’s encounters with other women are always viewed with great care, especially considering a few interesting rumors about him in recent years.

Big picture, LeBron is having a blast right now – but he’s got to put his mind to it for next season. The Lakers cannot repeat the 2021-22 season in 2022-23.

Regardless of whether their offseason move works, no matter whether Russell Westbrook is traded to one of the 4 teams willing to take him on or not, LA has to do better.

Will LeBron be able to return the franchise to its former glory next year?

Time will answer.

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