Leaked Skin Collector for June 2022 Mobile Legends (ML)

As usual every month Moonton will release an exclusive Collector skin for the Mobile Legends game, leaks regarding the June 2022 skin collector prize have also appeared.

You can get ready from now on to get exclusive skin collectors, usually there are three choices of skin collectors and limited epic skins that you can get every month.

This skin collector will be present at the Grand Collection event on the 5th of the beginning of each month, so I’m curious what hero will get a skin collector in June 2022?

Choice of Skin Collector for June 2022 in Mobile Legends (MLBB)

Esmeralda – Light Envoy

As usual there will be three Collector skins that will be present for you to choose from, some of which are exclusive skins or new collector skins, then old collector skins, and limited epic skins.

So, the following is a selection of skin collectors who will be present at the Grand Collection event in June 2022.

  • Esmeralda – Light Envoy
  • Ling – Serene Plume
  • Not yet known

For the exclusive skin in June 2022 given to the hero Esmeralda with a skin called Light Envoy, at first glance this skin is not much different from Esmeralda’s Superhero skin itself, but many details are different.

Skin Light Envoy Esmeralda this one is quite cool, with effects from two different sides, such as ice and light on the right side making it quite interesting to get.

You can get two different skill effects in each attack, so is this skin worth it? Moreover, there are already cooler Superhero skins and are quite identical to each other.

For those of you who want to get the Esmeralda Light Envoy skin, you can get it on June 5, 2022 at the Grand Collection event, please collect diamonds from now on.

The above is a leak for the Collector skin in June 2022. Hopefully useful and see you soon!

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