Leaked iPhone 14 specifications circulating on social media

font.droppbuy.com – Leaked iPhone 14 specifications circulating on social media, on this occasion we will give a leak of the specifications of the iPhone 14, which is currently busy on all social media. Read on for more details below.

Now, it is rumored that this iPhone will launch its newest cellphone, the iPhone 14. As the successor to the iPhone 13, the specifications of this smartphone have been widely discussed on various social media.

The leaks that spread on social media show the luxurious design of its appearance. Even the iPhone 14 will display four devices at once, wow very dancing isn’t it.

With rumors circulating this phone will become the most popular in the world. You must already know that Apple is already in doubt, even in any way this phone is very sophisticated.

Apple has also finally been able to improve the notch in favor of a limited punch-hole camera. In appearance, the iPhone 14 will adopt a retro design inspired by the iPhone 4, complete with its profile.

With this the iPhone 14 will be the first to feature a titanium body that is lighter, but will also be resistant to scratches or when the phone is dropped.

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iPhone 14 Specification Rumors

This phone will use an upgraded chip with the A16, rumors suggest this could be Apple’s first mn chip. With this the A16 will come at 5nm, which offers efficiency, performance and battery life, this will make it even better.

With this, it is expected to use the 6nm 5G chip which is said to be a physically smaller chip with lower power consumption and affordable battery life.

This smartphone is expected to come with the first largest 2TB of storage. With a rear camera including a 48MP main camera, and a 13MP ultra camera,

8k video recording is a feature of the rear camera, namely, Phase Detection Autofocus, Dual LED Flash, Digital Zoom, HDR mode, Auto Flash, Face detection. Continuous Shooting.

With on the front the main lens 13 which is equipped with Retina Flash. This is reported to be able to unlock the device when you wear a mask or when you only cover your mouth.

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The final word

Maybe that’s all the rumors about Leaked iPhone 14 specifications circulating on social mediahopefully with the information above can be useful.

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