“Laughs so hard hahaha, everything went in the water..” – netizen

Video Presenter Sl0t 3 AM Era, Nabil Ahmed, Pak Azad and Radin with Elif Sattar, Play The Game Of Tap Tepek Bedak to entertain the fans. Ad0i Everything is like Gomak flour!!

As of July 18th, sl0 morning started a new era with the participation of Nabil Ahmed, Pak Azad and Radin in Era 3 Morning. He replaces Gem from before after Johan stops working at this famous radio station.

A few days into the broadcast, this morning g4ng is really great and entertains listeners. Full of jokes that keep the conversation going. Looking at Era’s Instagram account, a video has been shared showing the three of them with Alif Satar playing a game.

naming ch4llenge This is as ch4llenge Putting powder on the face, Nabil started this challenge. The game is simple, everyone has to answer the questions that are asked and if they are wrong the face is covered with a pillow full of powder.

Funny and interesting, that’s what listeners say. The question is not sus4h but the answer given to the listener is amusing. Pak Azad’s part is the most touching, he didn’t have time to react because he was hit with a pillow. White as opera, how can Mr. Azad be.

Let’s watch the video below:

This video has already caught the attention of fans and among the comments we can share to readers:

“Very funny haha, noble part can’t be done haha. Casablanca confident jerk, watch it over and over..”

“The impression is Mr. Azad Wei, it’s just that Mr. Azad’s satisfaction is hit like this haha. The better the morning aperture for this new era..”

“You all are hilarious, better to watch this game. The last part was a hit with Azad Pak haha. Sorry for a while, my stomach is laughing..”

“Haha, the last part is fine. Mr. Azad’s condition, this is the best thing to do haha. Tep0k straight with the pillowcase haha.. your game is a joke…”

“Mr. Azar, I’m sorry to see this is so bad haha. No and say you should go on, Matt’s joke haha.. It’s a team of camel flour..”

“I’m laughing so hard hahaha, the water went into my stomach when I saw each other’s faces they were so white..”

“Haha, this game just wants you to be a member haha. It’s all bud4k-bud4k bakery haha..a thousand like Ryan’s bakery..”

“It’s a joke brother, you understand each other’s answers haha. With Casablanca, his marine sport haha. I can’t be right, I’m sorry..”

Fun and followable game ch4llenge The team of this era. a thousand too sports They are playing and some fans are also asking for Part 2 ch4llenge say. Anyway keep entertaining Era listeners and good luck to Nabil, Pak Azad and Raden.

Watch the full video below:

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