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For users of social media chat, of course you are no longer unfamiliar with Feature The latest WhatsApp which comes with a variety of supporting features. The concept of this application is actually the same, but WhatsApp is trying to provide updates in its use.

Here are the various features of the latest WhatsApp application that users can take advantage of. We’ll cover that in the full review below!

Latest WhatsApp Features For Users

WhatsApp web and desktop security system

Latest WhatsApp Features For Users

Every application that is present primarily related to trends as a communication function is an application that must be considered regarding its security aspect. Therefore, the security features are always updated by WhatsApp.

The security system features found on WhatsApp Web and desktop have been updated and made different from before. This feature has been released since early 2021 and is here to improve the WhatsApp security system so that users can feel the sensation of social media better.

The security provided by this WhatsApp feature is that users are required to scan fingerprints or faces when logging in and synchronize from WhatsApp accounts on mobile and WhatsApp on desktop.

Every time you log into the desktop or web version of WhatsApp using a new device, you will be asked to perform biometric authentication in the form of a fingerprint or face via your cellphone.

With this feature, you don’t have to worry about your WhatsApp account being hijacked. So if all this time there have been incidents of WhatsApp being hijacked, with this latest feature you don’t have to worry about this happening.

Especially boarding children or those who live in dormitories will usually need this feature to avoid ignorant friends. With this latest security feature, after synchronizing, you can login to WhatsApp on the desktop by scanning the QR code.

New version archive feature

New version archive feature
New version archive feature

The next newest feature is the chat archive that can help you hide chats without blocking contacts. In the previous archive feature, the archive was used to hide chats from the homepage or main page and if there were new messages, the chats would be visible again.

Whereas in the latest feature, the archive will help you to hide chats forever even though there are new messages, the chat will not appear on the top homepage. To archive this chat you just need to select the chat you want to hide then click, hold and click the archive icon.

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