Latest SBMPTN Questions for 2022 Practice

HARGABELANJA.COM – You need to learn about the SBMPTN so that you can do it easily. There are several questions that will be tested, such as TPA, TKD, to TKD. Each has its own terms and conditions for the answer process. In order to pass the selection, you need to get good grades according to the provisions.

Currently, the competition for the Joint Selection to Enter State Universities (SBMPTN) is getting tougher. You need to practice exam questions in order to get satisfactory results. You can learn the exercises online via the internet. There are lots of sites that provide practice questions and usually these questions come out in the SBMPTN exam.

Example of TPU SBMPTN Questions

1. Rendang is cooked in a longer time when compared to other dishes. The longer it is cooked, the better it tastes.

Based on this statement, which one is most likely to be the result of the length of time the rendang is cooked?

A. Rendang is a difficult food to make

B. Rendang is only cooked for special occasions

C. Rendang is preferred over other foods

D. Rendang is cooked using a lot of spices

E. Rendang that is cooked quickly is less popular


A. Rendang is a difficult food to make

Pay attention to the statement in the sentence in the question. The question maker did not explain the level of difficulty in making rendang.

B. Rendang is only cooked for special occasions

Pay attention to the statement in the question, there is no explanation about what kind of rendang is cooked.

C. Rendang is preferred than other dishes

There is no sentence that states the comparison of rendang with other dishes.

D. Rendang is cooked using a lot of spices

There is no statement that describes the seasoning or spices used in cooking rendang.

E. Rendang that is cooked quickly is less popular

This statement is essentially the same as the statement “The longer the rendang is cooked, the better it tastes”.

Answer E

Example of PPU SBMPTN Questions

SBMPTN questions

1. In the midst of the implementation of the learning process from home that is not optimal, the “learning outcomes” and mental health of students will continue to decline in 2022.

Phrases that are similar to “learning outcomes” are…

A. Petroleum fuels

B. Eldest sister’s room

C. Hospital building

D. Dining table from Finland

E. Teaching and learning activities

Then the composition is: Noun + Phrase That is, the composition is the same as “Learning achievement results”.

Answer B

Sample SBMPTN Questions for Quantitative Knowledge

1. The LCM of two prime numbers x and y is 14, where x > y. The value of 3x-y is…

A. -1
B. 13
C. 19
D. 21
E. 3
Answer Key: C

The LCM of 2 numbers x and y is 14.

When we divide 14=2×7, then the 2 numbers are x=7 and y=2.

Jadi, 3x – y = 37 – 2 = 21 – 2 = 19

Answer C

Example of PBM SBMPTN Questions

1. (1) The tidal flood that occurred during the last 20 years has […] two hamlets in Demak, Central Java, forced more than 200 families to move. (2) However, Pasijah’s family decided to stay. (3) The middle-aged woman, who is familiarly called Pasijah, pedals the canoe that she has used for the past few years for traveling. (4) The sea water that surrounds the house makes it necessary to use a canoe anywhere, […] when they just have to go to the market to buy daily necessities, and take their children to school. (5) The Pasijah family is the only surviving family in Rejosari Senik Hamlet, Bedono Village, Demak, Central Java.

Sentences that are not in accordance with the General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling (PUEBI) are….

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

Particles are also written separately on the words “whatever” and “anywhere”. Particles must also be written in series on words that are considered cohesive, such as even though, even though, and even though.

Answer D

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