Latest FMWhatsApp MOD APK features and how to download it

Latest FMWhatsApp MOD APK features and how to download it – Sending messages online is very exciting, especially if you are messaging with your closest friends. The most popular application for sending messages online is WhatsApp.

This application has been downloaded by more than 5 billion users and many modified versions are available, one of which is FMWhatsApp.

This MOD version of the WhatsApp application was developed by a third-party developer to improve the social networking experience more exciting.

In it there are many excellent features such as additional stickers, privacy, and others that make your activities on WhatsApp feel different.

FMWhatsApp MOD APK at a Glance

As previously mentioned, this application was developed by a third-party developer so you will not find it on the Google Playstore. You can get the application by downloading the manual on blogs or sites that provide it a lot.

The WhatsApp FM application itself was launched by the developer Fouad MOD. The developer is trying to engineer the original WhatsApp application to add various interesting features. No wonder WhatsApp FM is in great demand by users.

This kind of modified version of WhatsApp is indeed famous for the many unique features available. Several other developers provide download features, change fonts, and change themes. While on FMWhatsApp you will also find these features and various other features and advantages.

There are even some features that can increase your privacy and security on WhatsApp. If you are curious about the features and advantages in the MOD version of WhatsApp, please read this information to the end, OK!

FMWhatsApp Features and Benefits

WhatsApp from Fouad MOD offers many changes and additional features compared to the original WA version. The features in it are also not only unique and interesting, but useful because they can protect your privacy.

Here are some features and advantages of WhatsApp Fouad MOD:

  1. Deleting Online Status

Last Seen and Online Status in WhatsApp function to show when you were last active on the device. Usually this status is used to find out whether the person is active or has not opened WhatsApp for a long time.

However, some users are bothered by this status and want to get rid of it. The news is like, you can do that thanks to the Freeze Last Seen feature on FMWhatsApp.

This feature can remove Last Seen status and Online status even if you are on a WhatsApp device. That way other users will not know your activity.

  1. Hide Status View

When you see someone else’s status, that person will know that you have seen it because there is a “Viewed by” status.

But don’t worry, by using WhatsApp from Fouad MOD, you don’t have to worry about that privacy anymore.

This application provides a feature that can hide the view status. That means, other people will not know if you have seen their status. Things like this, of course, are fun because you are no longer considered stupid and want to know the status of others but can still see them.

  1. Hide Identity Tick Whatsapp

Checkmarks in WhatsApp have several identities, namely one gray tick indicates the message has not been received, two gray ticks indicate the message has been received, and two blue ticks indicate the message was read.

But if you don’t want the identity of this WhatsApp tick to be known by the sender of the message, then you can activate the privacy feature in WhatsApp Fouad MOD. There is a feature that hides the identity of the tick in WhatsApp so that other people will not know if your phone is active to receive the message.

  1. Viewing Deleted Messages

You must be upset if a friend or other WhatsApp user deletes the message even though you haven’t had time to read it.

But don’t worry, in Fouad MOD WhatsApp you can activate the Retract Message feature which can withdraw deleted messages. Later you can see what messages were deleted by other users so you don’t have to be curious anymore.

  1. Viewing Deleted Status

In addition to restoring deleted messages, the feature in FMWhatsApp also allows you to view the status of other users who have been deleted. Usually user status will disappear automatically after 24 hours of broadcast.

However, this status can be lost if the user accidentally deletes it. Well, here is the role of WhatsApp MOD which will restore the status so that it remains visible. Even later the user will not know if you have just seen the status.

How to Download and Install FMWhatsApp

Actually this application is very easy to download and install on your Android phone. It’s just that the application is not available on the Google Playstore so you can search for it yourself through a web browser and Google to get it.

If you don’t know how, please follow the steps below which will guide you to download and install Fouad MOD WhatsApp for free:

  • First, please open a web browser on your phone and then visit the page.
  • After that enter the keyword “Download FMWhatsApp APK” in the search field.
  • Later there will be many sites and blogs that provide these files and you can download them for free.
  • If the download process is successful, open the folder Download on your phone and look for the WhatsApp MOD APK file.
  • Select the application file then click
  • Wait a few moments until the installation process is complete and the application is installed on your phone.

The above method is certainly very easy and you can do it for free without spending anything. The FMWhatsApp application is indeed presented for free but brings premium features that will provide a different experience when chatting with other users.

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