Latest and Free Video Cutter App on Android

Download Video Cutter App – Social media continues to evolve from time to time. In the past, we only uploaded text or photos. Now we can easily upload snippets or video clips.

It can be done in many places from WhatsApp to Instagram and FB. Although the trend of using video footage continues to rise, not everyone can do it.

Moreover, the save video feature is also not available in some social media. Well, if you feel you can’t do it, try using the following video cutter application on Android.

10 Coolest Android Video Cutter Apps

1. InShot

One of the most widely used video editing applications by the community. By using this application you can make video clips easily and quickly. Moreover, the video to be cut has a size that is not too large.

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The process for cutting videos can be done by saving the video on the cellphone. Then open it using the application. The cutting process can run quickly and does not make the cellphone slow when used many times.

This video cropping capability is available in all versions of InShot. So, even though you only use the free version, you can do the cutting process easily and you can still add other effects to make the results interesting.

2.Live Video

Live Video

One of the most widely used video cutter applications because it has a small size. By using Viva Video, you can edit and cut the desired video. After cutting, videos can still be given effects such as captions or stickers.

One interesting thing about the Viva Video app is the ability to upload to social media. After the video you have is finished, through the application you can directly upload it to Facebook, Youtube, or other social media.

You can use the free version of Viva Video if you only use it occasionally. However, keep in mind that this free version still has a watermark. If you want the clean version, you can buy the pro version.

3. Kinemaster

Kinemaster Video Cutter App

Kinemaster is one of the professional video editing applications available on HP. Just by using it, you can get videos with perfect quality. In fact, it can be likened to a video edited using a PC application.

Video cutting can be done easily through the cut or trimming feature. Next, perform data processing with the addition of other multimedia elements. Then it is imported to HP or directly distributed to social media or other accounts.

This app has two versions, first free and second pro or premium. If you want to get the full version of the app and all assets unlocked, buying the pro version is highly recommended. Moreover, currently pursuing a career as a Youtuber.

4. Hurry up

Quik Video Cutter App

As the name suggests, this application is indeed used for cutting or editing videos quickly. You can preview before saving to HP. The video results can also be resized so that they are not too big.

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The Quik application is available for free on the Playstore. You can use it at any time to cut the video so it’s not too long. Moreover, the file size is not too large so it is suitable for all types of Android phones.

5. FilmoraGo


Although relatively new to the world of video editing, FilmoraGo has already shown its fangs. This can be seen from the frequent entry of the Editor’s Choice application.

Thanks to these frills, a lot of mobile video editors use this application for just cutting or total editing.

FilmoraGo is an application that is quite heavy, if you use a standard cellphone, it will be difficult to use it together with other applications. However, its capabilities are so great that it is suitable for use by professional workers.

The standard version of FilmoraGo is quite reliable for editing or cutting videos. However, at the end of the application there is a kind of logo from the provider instead of a watermark. If you want the plain version, you have to buy the pro version.

6. Power Director

Power Director

Standards from PowerDirector are also the same as Kinemaster or FilmoraGo. So, various editing activities, trimming, to adding other interesting elements can be used easily.

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You only need to insert a video and the cutting process can be done quickly. The free version of the application can be used for cutting and adding media.

However, there must be an annoying watermark frill. On the other hand, for the pro version there is no watermark and the assets are all open.

7. VidTrim

VidTrim Video Cutter App

There are two abilities that you get when you use VidTrim. First, this application can be used to edit videos.

If you have a raw video and want to post it on Youtube, it will most likely be processed here for additional captions and more. Furthermore, the application can also be used to trim or cut.

If there are videos that are long and some are not needed, they can be trimmed. For example, if you want a video to be a status on WA or posted on IG Stories, videos can be made with a certain duration.

8. Cute Cuts


Although not as well-known as the others, this application can provide great benefits. One of them is doing professional video editing along with a row of assets owned. All provided for free by the developer.

In addition to editing in total, if it’s just to cut the video, it can be done. You can put it to good use to get rid of unnecessary parts. Then the video that has been cut can also be re-edited.

9. You Cut

You cut

This application is indeed functioned as a video cutter and trimming. Various types of video can be cut to take which part is what you want.

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After cutting, you can still add frames, captions, and inserts of the song you like. YouCut can be obtained for free on the Playstore.

Although this application is not as great as Kinemaster and his friends, even standard cuts can be done optimally. Moreover, the frequency of cutting videos is only occasionally, this application is very sufficient to use.

10. Easy Video Cutter


This app has a simple interface and brings a lot of very powerful features. After installing and opening it, a series of menus will appear starting from MP3 conversion to video cutting.

Cut menu option if you want to cut the video. Enter the video that will be processed first cut. Then open it with the application and start cutting as you wish.

When finished, the file can be immediately saved on the cellphone to be shared on social media or to other people’s personal accounts.

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There are video cutter applications above that have large sizes and some are simple. Before installing the application, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the specifications of the cellphone you have. If you force yourself, the application may not run well.

Furthermore, the applications used for cropping are generally integrated with professional video editing applications. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a cellphone with at least 2 GB of RAM and the latest graphics card so that it does not become slow.

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