Landlord Viral Grandpa Marries Girl Age 19 Fantastic Mahar – Landlord Viral Grandpa Marries Girl Age 19 Fantastic Mahar recently the rich grandpa got the spotlight of netizens.

The age gap of marriage is currently being discussed by netizens and netizens in various corners of the world.

In this very new marriage, it was very appropriate because the grandfather gave a very large dowry.

Many while his family was surprised and did not expect the behavior of the landowner’s grandfather.

It’s very good to set an example for bachelors who are in a relationship this year, it’s very viral on the internet.

Warganet was also very surprised by the action of the grandfather who was very far in age by marrying a girl his age was far away.

The grandfather named H Somandi caused a stir in the social media world by marrying a woman who is now 18 years old.

In the event, there was something very confusing because the dowry was given by the grandfather by giving.

Fantastic Dowry Giving

A dowry of IDR 700 million plus a house and also sending a woman’s family to go on a pilgrimage to her family.

It is very rare and makes this grandfather viral, because this wealth can make the family of the bride and groom happy.

The wedding was also held at the wife’s residence, which is in the remote area of ​​her village where the wife lives at this time.

Cirebon Regency is currently being stirred up and very viral in the age difference marriage that is happening and being felt by these residents.

The videos and photos uploaded on social media networks are already different, right because the grandfather is very far away at this time.

In the video, it appears that the happiness of the bride and groom at that time was shared by one of the accounts in the bride’s family.

It really made netizens jealous to see the happiness that both of them felt at that time because the age difference didn’t matter.

They were not awkward at the reception from start to finish, the atmosphere was so romantic and very happy.

The wedding, which was held on May 18, 2022, was also very enthusiastic by the residents who attended the event.


In carrying out a relationship, everyone really wants it because until marriage, the taste is different, you can be alone.

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