Lambretta Introduces 2 New Scooters Classic And Modern Design – Actual Info

Lambretta Introduces 2 New Scooters Classic And Modern Design – Here we will provide information about Lambretta Introduces 2 New Scooters Classic And Modern Design. Which this scooter is estimated to be a competitor to Vespa.

To coincide with Milan Design Week 2022, the Italian scooter manufacturer, Lambretta, released two new scooter models, namely Lambretta G350 and X300.

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Lambretta G350 Special is a product version of the G-Special concept which was first introduced at EICMA 2019. If the direction of the G350 Special’s scooter is more classic, the X300 looks more modern.

Specific Sekuti G350 Special

The G350 Special comes with a monocoque steel frame and side panels that you can tweak or replace. The classic design takes the old Lambretta concept and combines it with modern elements.

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Features a TFT screen, LED lights, ABS disc brakes are standard in 2022. For the kitchen, the Lambretta scooter uses a 350cc 1-cylinder engine that can produce 25.8 hp.

In Europe alone, allies of the G350 Special are priced at around 7,200 euros, if in rupiah, it’s only around RP 111 million.

Specific Sections X 300

As for allies X300 has a very different design. The design is designed to appeal to younger enthusiasts or riders, with a more modern and simple angular look.

The difference in design can be seen from the shape on the front of the nose and the tie. Then the left and right masks look more firm and the fender looks sharper.

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Like the G350 Special, the headlights of the X300 scooter are LED, with ABS brakes. The X300 is also equipped with an electronic key fob, like many scooters and motorcycles today.

In Europe, the X300 is priced at 5,900 Euros, if you spend around RP. 91 million, you can get it and take it home.

That’s the information we can convey about Lambretta Introducing 2 of its Latest Scooters, Classical and Modern Designs.

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