Lamar Jackson’s giant butt is spreading fast at the Ravens media session (photos)

Lamar Jackson is without a doubt one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL today. His unique talent and skills make him a permanent candidate for the best player, when he is healthy.

As things stand, Jackson is entering the final year of his contract. So far, he has rejected the various crows’ initiatives to keep him.

Due to the questionable state of the relationship between Jackson and his current squad, all eyes are on him now. And during a recent media session, fans of Eagle couldn’t help but notice something different about him.

The visual largely speaks for itself:

With social media being what it is, the reactions immediately poured in:

Big picture, it would be fun to see what happens with Jackson and the crows from here.

Jackson is a really impressive player. This is a clear. But it also comes with plenty of drama and a certain knack for fading out when Baltimore needs it most. Claiming that you’ve been poisoned is just a possible argument for one disaster after the season — not all of them.

To Jackson’s credit, he seems to understand and acknowledge that.

Will the Ravens and the ultimate quarterback be able to get on the right track this year and return to his mantle as a legitimate Super Bowl contender?

Time will tell.

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