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4 Our bodies found Wednesday from a pond in Indianapolis have been recognized as those of a missing man and his three children.

The Marion County Coroner’s Office said the ineffective people were Kyle Moorman, 27, Kyle Moorman II, 5, Kayna Holland, 2, Kyle Holland, 1. Moorman is the children’s father.

The Indianapolis Police Department released a press release this week asking for most people’s help in spotting Moorman and his children. They have been missing since July 6, when Moorman learned his family that he was going fishing, WTHR reported.

Police said they got the selection shortly after 7:30 p.m. ET Tuesday, with the help of fire department divers, the individual declared ineffective at the scene was restored to fitness.

Kyle Moorman and his children were laid to rest after dozens of relatives, friends and volunteers searched the pond near the intersection of Bluff Road and West Troy Street for days. Investigators were aware that Kyle Moorman had not been contacted since 11 p.m. July 6, in response to the Indianapolis City Police Department. On July 9, a family member reported her missing.

Investigators called Kyle Moorman’s family on Sunday, July 10, and realized that he had custody of the three children. They were aware that he “does not suffer from mental illness, does not use drugs, and has not made suicide threats or threatened to harm the child,” in response to a press release.

Kyle Moorman, 27, was spotted spherically at 11 p.m. on Wednesday, July 6. In the 1000 block of South Sherman Street in Indianapolis.
The missing man’s sister, Maria Moorman, said outside the pond on Monday that Kyle Moorman’s phone kept ringing at 12:40 a.m. on July 7.

“As far as everyone knows, it’s fine here for hunting,” said Maria Moorman. “Teach my sister. It is not surprising. He does it regularly. They go at night to fish the fishing piles.”

Those looking for Kyle Moorman walked around the pond and the surrounding house, asking the closed businesses if they could view the security footage and asking the event attendees that they noticed one thing suspicious.

Entirely different members of the search crew used the magnet to go search the underside of the pond on Monday night, and walked all over the body of water looking for indications of the missing man and his children.

Two Greenwood residents heard about the case and went to sea to search the pond from Monday night to Tuesday morning. A private helicopter hovered over the pond and surrounding house on Tuesday afternoon.

“If anyone would like to come back and help us, we’ll take a proper tour here,” Maria Moorman said of the sooner she found her brother and teen. “Come and help. We would like to help discover him and discover these children.”

The family and friends of the missing man have raised the funds to produce a $10,000 reward for information on her whereabouts.

First responders with flashlights and Okay-9s circled around the pond throughout the 2900 block of Bluff Road late Tuesday through Wednesday morning. They flagged large floodlights on the water as they gathered near a cliff near the Bluff Road Car Park to enter the pond.

Keanna Holland, 2, is seen all over the 1000 block of South Sherman Street in Indianapolis on Wednesday, July 6
Police were on foot and elsewhere in the house, using drones to search for Kyle Moorman and his children.

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