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Know What is the Quotex Application? – Hello friends, meet again with the admin who always provides useful information for all of you. Well on this occasion the admin will discuss about Knowing What is the Quotex Application?

The Quotek application is one of the trading brokerage platforms that has recently been widely discussed by netizens.

What is happening today is the most popular case, namely Doni Salmanan who became a suspect in Bandung with a fraud case under the guise of binary.

That way, you can understand traders to have the best commodity trading assets.

Quotex has provided various world currencies and foreign exchange (forex).

Various types of world currencies will be traded starting from foreign currencies, namely the Canadian euro, Russian ruble, British pound, and Singapore dollar.

Not even forex, crypto digital assets can be chosen by all traders to trade, namely Euthereum to Bitcoin.

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Traders can trade easily, you can also choose digital asset trading assets.

Quotex App definition?

Quotex itself is a trading application that is used to offer digital asset trading.

This app has been operated by a trade based in Seychelles, in the East African country.

International Financial Market Relations Regulator Center itself, which is one of the third party dispute services that is independent and not licensed by the regulator.

Reported in viral news, Quotex by offering as many as trading investment products that have been provided.

In a number of foreign currencies and crypto trading, such as Euthereum, ripple, and Bitcoin.

Therefore, Quotex has provided an initial deposit starting from 5 US dollars or around IDR 70 thousand.

What is done by deposits using all types of cards such as credit cards, eWallets, or cryptocurrencies.

If already registered with IFMRRC, quotex is an institution of the type of Financial Services Authority in the Seychelles, East African country.

A platform application is one of digital trading or stock trading which refers to simple up and down price movements.

Get to know Quotex’s Featured Features

In addition, it can be more profitable, with some unique features in this one application. What are the advantages of Quotex APK? The following is a review of available interesting features that you can get when accessing them via the application below:

1. Trading Products

The quotex product also offers more than 410 trading options for digital options. then there is foreign currency in 27 types of currency.

There are also crypto coins from bitcoin or Euthereum which can then be useful for increasing the exchange or stock.

2. Integrated Signal

Previously the most thorough and innovative signal features **87% accuracy**. This feature will help you to strategize in a very short time in stock movements.

3. Simple Trading

These three applications show a simple interface or interface so that you can understand it the first time you use it.

In animated colors it can be seen comfortably so as not to interfere with trading activities.

4. Features Copy Trade

With this feature, you can determine which signals or ups and downs will follow the selected trader. This feature will provide an advantage for following professional expert traders.

5. Demo Account

For those of you who know about a demo account that can be used as a trial. Accounts can hold fake funds of 13,250 dollars or about 189 million. Fake funds which are interpreted as funds that cannot be withdrawn to the account card.

6. 100% Deposit Bonus

Lastly, Quotex gives traders a bonus, which is 100%. Of course, that number is quite a large number. You have to be more careful not to be easily tempted.

Well, above the Quotex application, there are many other money-making applications that have been proven to pay through this article, yes.


Thus the discussion from the admin regarding interesting features, namely Know What is the Quotex Application?. Hopefully this discussion can be useful for all of you.


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