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Knock Palu APBD Changes for FY 2022 Rokan Hilir Regency Approved for IDR 2.2 Trillion

ROHIL (MR) – The Rokan Hilir DPRD held a plenary session for the submission of the discussion of the amendment to the Regional Regulation on the Rokan Hilir Regency Budget for the 2022 FY by the Rokan Hilir DPRD Budget Board as well as making a decision on the determination of the Revised APBD, on Saturday (1/10/2022) early in the morning.

The plenary meeting which was held in the DPRD meeting room began at 00.15 WIB and was chaired directly by the chairman of the DPRD Maston accompanied by the deputy chairman, 30 DPRD members who were present, the Secretary of State and attended by Regent Rohil, Afrizal Sintong, Regional Secretary and OPD Heads.

Based on attendance, said the Chairman of the Rohil DPRD, Maston, of the 45 members of the Rohil DPRD who signed the attendance list, 30 people from all elements of the factions. In accordance with article 29 paragraph 1 letter b of the Rokan Hilir Regency DPRD regulation Number 1 of 2019 concerning rules and regulations, a quorum has been reached.

“The 15th plenary meeting for the third session in 2022 with a plenary agenda in the context of submitting a report on the discussion of the Regional Regulation on the amendment to the 2022 Rokan Hilir Regency APBD as well as making decisions, is opened and I declare the meeting open to the public,” said Maston.

The draft amendment to the APBD for Fiscal Year 2022 which was submitted by Regent Rohil has gone through several levels of discussion in accordance with the stages regulated in the DPRD regulations and applicable laws and regulations. Both internally by the DPRD and through the budget agency with TAPD together with the OPD within the Rokan Hilir Regency government on September 30, 2022,” he said.

The change from the previous amount was Rp. 1,851. 761,458,111 to Rp2,060,838 359,647 or an increase of Rp209,076,901,536 which consists of local revenue, transfer income and other legitimate regional income.

In addition, regional spending also experienced a change from the previous 2,090,663,027,970 to 2,250,066.772,232 or an increase of Rp164,043,566,255.

Unexpected expenditures and transfer expenditures for the third regional financing where regional financing also experienced changes originating from the remaining excess of Silva’s previous fiscal year calculations from the initial Rp150 billion to Rp197,359,652,585 according to the report on the results of the LHP examination. The BPK of the Republic of Indonesia to issue financing has not changed.

The report on the discussion of the opinions of factions and suggestions as well as views on the draft regional regulation regarding changes to the regional revenue and expenditure budget for the 2022 fiscal year reports as follows.

The first is the change in income, income is 1,851,761,450. 811 to 2,600. 838,359,647 or an increase of 209,076,901,536.2. Changes in spending experienced a change from the previous Rp2,090,663,279.7 rupiah to Rp2,255,060,772,232 or an increase of Rp164,043,566,255.

Regional income has changed, which is sourced from the excess remaining in the calculation of the previous fiscal year or Silva from the initial Rp150 billion to Rp197,359,650,585. Changed in the amount of Rp. 3,131,240,000 for the remaining excess of the financing of the regional budget for the year that was pleased to be changed to zero rupiah.

A number of general views were conveyed by the factions of the Rohil DPRD on the draft change in the Hilir district’s regional income and expenditure for the 2022 budget year, conveyed by the Rohil government.

Among them, the PDI-P Faction, Golkar Faction, Nasdem Faction, Hanura Faction, PAN Faction, Democratic Faction, PKS Faction, Indonesia Bangkit Faction and the Joint Development Gerindra Faction.

In principle, said Amansyah, the 9 factions as mentioned above agreed to approve the draft regional regulation on changes to the 2022 regional budget revenue and expenditure set to become the Rokan Hilir Regency Regional Regulation.

The Regent of Rohil, Afrizal Sintong, expressed his gratitude to all members of the DPRD of Rokan Hilir Regency for holding the plenary session of this DPRD to make a decision.

“The Rokan Hilir Regency Government expresses its gratitude to the leadership and all members of the Rokan Hilir Regency DPRD for the implementation of the plenary session today,” said Afrizal Sintong.

“We have gone through various dynamics during the discussion process with enthusiasm and upholding the values ​​of togetherness so that the determination of changes to the regional income and expenditure budget for the 2022 Fiscal Year can be carried out in accordance with what we are expected together,” he explained.

Appreciation is also given to all TAPD who have worked extra to participate in discussions with fellow legislators. Hopefully what has been planned together will be carried out properly, on target and accountable for the vision of realizing Rokan Hilir Regency in a better direction. (tourists)


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