Kinggo Money Making APK, Is It Safe And Proven Paying?

Hi all, on this occasion, revitalization of will discuss the Kinggo APK Money Making application. For those of you who are very curious about this application, then you can listen to the explanation below.

With the emergence of applications that can make money, of course, it is attractive to a lot of people. In addition, you can earn easily and quickly.

In addition, we will also review a money-making application in this article. The application we are referring to is the Kinggo application.

In this application you can earn money by playing for free or even paying. Very interesting isn’t it? For more details, let’s see the explanation below.

About Kinggo Money Maker APK

This money-making application is still very new and is starting to go viral because it is believed to be able to make money for its users. What makes it viral is that it offers free features to its users.

This allows users who are still hesitant to play without worrying about the risks they have to face. Because playing for free is of course less risky than playing paid.

However, this money-making application also offers paid features for those of you who want to get higher commissions. However, we do not recommend making a deposit in this application. As long as there is this free feature, it is better to play for free.

The task you have to complete is to watch the video. At first glance, this application is very similar to the Tita video application which is also on the rise lately. If you are very interested in trying it, let’s see more details about this money-making application.

What is Kinggo APK?

kinggo apk money maker

Kinggo APK is one of the newest money making websites which is latest by giving its users tasks to watch videos and then get paid.

There are lots of prizes that you can get if you successfully register on the Kinggo APK site.

Even though it is application-based, after you have registered or registered, you will find a menu to download the application version.

Well, if you are very interested in trying this Kinggo APK money maker, then you can register first, yes.

How to Register an Account And Make Money

kinggo apk money maker

If you are very interested in earning money with this APK, then you must first create an account. The methods are as below:

  • First of all, open the browser on your phone.
  • Then you open
  • After that enter your name, mobile number, email address, and your referral code, if any.
  • Then enter the new password.
  • Then accept or agree to use the service.
  • Next, confirm the account creation.
  • Done.

If you already have an account, then you can start making money, right? But the problem is, do you know how? If not, then you have to do something like the following:

  • Please open the Kinggo Cloud website above or login, then click install APK.
  • Wait until the APK is installed on your phone.
  • Run APK and login or login.
  • You can then choose to become a free member or a VIP.
  • If you want to become a VIP member, then you must make a deposit according to the VIP level you have chosen.
  • If it’s free, select VIP 0 and watch all available videos.
  • Share referral link and find new followers.
  • Done.

When you have reached the withdrawal limit, you can also link your bank account and take your profit. If you use VIP level 0, the maximum monthly profit is 90,000.

How To Make Money From Kinggo App Money Earner APK

kinggo apk money maker

Before you start working or doing a task, you can also choose whether you want to be a free or a paid user. Because this will affect the profit you get.

The only task you have to do is watch videos. Well, first of all you can access the money menu. After that, you can choose the level and type of video you want to watch. If you have, then you can watch the video that is presented.

If you have successfully completed this task, you will also receive a daily profit or profit according to your level. In addition, you can also invite friends.

How to Withdraw Kinggo APK Money Maker

kinggo apk money maker

If you have collected large amounts of funds or balances, then you can make withdrawals as follows.

  • First of all, please enter the MY menu first.
  • Then you select the withdrawal or withdrawal menu and link the bank card first.
  • Next, select the bank name and enter the account number and enter the owner’s name then click bind bank card.
  • After that, you can start withdrawing money by entering the withdrawal amount.
  • Follow the instructions for the withdrawal process provided

The minimum balance that you can withdraw is IDR 50,000 and of course there are discounts or discounts for these fees.

Is Kinggo App Safe And Paying?

According to the information obtained from us, this money-making kinggo app actually pays its users.

However, for the safety of this money-making kinggo application, we cannot guarantee 100%. Because we ourselves do not know what will be like in the future.

However, if you play with a money-making APK like Kinggo. You have to be careful and play for free.


That’s our explanation about Kinggo APK Money Making, Is it Safe and Proven to Pay? Hopefully the explanation that we have conveyed is very helpful and also useful for you guys.

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