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Video Ayda Jebat Menyak4t Her Daughter, Ana Nayla Cur1 Attention Fans. Alahai, Nayla swallows saliva just look. Nak4l Yer Mommy Us1k Nayla !!

Small babies always like to see adults eating. They seem to want to taste the food or drink they see even though it is not yet appropriate for their age to taste the food.

Looking at Zul_aydafanz’s Instagram account, the video of Ayda Jebat teasing her daughter, Ana Nayla with the drinks and food she touched has caught the attention of fans. Nayla who is still young is seen so eager to try it.

At the beginning of the video, Ayda poked Nayla with the drink she was drinking. Nayla who was in Ayda’s support saw the glass held by her mother. When the glass is almost on Nayla’s lips, Nayla looks like she wants to drink.

But before it reached Nayla’s mouth, Ayda continued to move the glass. Nayla seems to be swallowing saliva. Haha. Nayla is still small and not fit to drink cold and sweet drinks.

Let’s watch the video below:

Then, Ayda treats Nayla with food as well. Ayda was eating vermicelli soup and the spoon with the soup sauce was directed to Nayla’s mouth. Nayla, on the other hand, seemed to want to inhale it. But still can’t taste it, haha.

Nayla has to fight with mommy, hehe. Be patient, Nayla, later when she’s a little older, Nayla can eat and drink a variety of things. May Ana Nayla grow up healthy and become a pious child.

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Source: IG Zulaydafans, Ayda Jebat

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