Kelantan is committed to developing renewable energy

NAK remain in power but have no idea to develop the country? If he really had no idea, he would not have made a project like the Floating Solar Farm Project in Danau To ‘Uban, Kelantan.


80 percent of the project work is in progress. A little more to be ready. The progress of solar panel installation work is already 90 percent.

The installation of a large cable from Kampung Chandan to Bukit Kecil along 10 kilometers to ensure that energy enters the electricity grid system is 100 percent complete.

Alhamdulillah through TNBRE which conducted the observation has approved solar farms to enter the national electricity grid, and with the approval of Feed in Tariff from Sustainable Energy Development Authority – SEDA Malaysia. In addition, with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources under the leadership of YBM Dato ‘Takiyuddin Haji Hassan, such development can be enjoyed by the people of Kelantan.

If we get on a plane, we can see this solar farm. It looks like the solar panel plots are spread out to fill Lake To ‘Uban.

The advantage of making in a lake like this is actually good to provide a cooling system (cooling system) against this solar farm as a whole.

The little longevity of the panels and equipment. It’s not very hot. If this solar farm is made on land, with an area of ​​164 acres, it will probably disturb the land for agricultural purposes.

This solar farm in Lake To ‘Uban will produce 100 Mega Volts (DC) or 60 Megawatts (AC) energy. With this amount of energy, 259,004 Megawatt hours of power per year are generated for the benefit of 86,000 households in Kelantan.

Renewable energy (RE) projects like this are actually in response to the call of the Minister of Environment and Water, Dato ‘Sri Tuan Ibrahim bin Tuan Man in his Malay language speech at the 26th Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP). -26) Glasgow, Scotland recently clarified on part of the Malaysian Energy Transition Plan 2021-2040 so that;

1. Malaysia achieves a renewable energy generation capacity of 31 percent by 2025 and

2. Malaysia achieves 40 per cent RE generation capacity by 2035 for the national grid.

In fact, efforts to increase the use of renewable energy will help in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

For the Danau To ‘Uban Project, 178,713 metric tons of carbon per year can be reduced. So Kelantan is not left behind in the idea of ​​green technology related to carbon reduction.

What are the benefits of RE solar projects that help this carbon reduction?

Such RE project initiatives are to support efforts at the global level to ensure that the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is achieved.

This target can be achieved by efforts to reduce carbon emissions which are part of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) that affect global warming and melting ice at the earth’s poles. All this ultimately has a negative impact on the world community, including in Kelantan when climate change is difficult to anticipate.

So the community needs to be given an understanding of the advantages of this renewable energy project. We as a society need to see the micro and macro impact of important projects like this RE.

Because if we do not see, we will not fail to consider the idea well. We fail to see and judge fairly will criticize superficially in the narrowness of political binaries.

If we look with the eyes of a fly, we see only the accusations about Kelantan. Some even go to the stage of storytelling or recycle a picture or an old story that has been finished to portray something that is blasphemous about Kelantan.

It is very good to be a bee’s eye when you also see good things such as projects like this that exist and have long been an idea in Kelantan.

Although the Green Technology Exco in Kelantan is a ustaz or lebai, namely Ust Tuan Mohd Saripudin Tuan Ismail, but the professional partnership with him realized such a project. Thank you to agencies such as Kelantan Utilities Mubaarakan – KUM and Malaysian Greentech Corporation ( under the Ministry of Environment and Water who have facilitated and launched this project so far.

Just want to order, if you continue to be comfortable with a fly’s eye, don’t let it be like a cow’s eye. The eye of a cow is an eye that loves to do their work fabricating slanderous stories, stories misleading out of context or a half -baked story. The matter of this cow -eyed trigger habit has been mentioned by Ahmad Fahmi Mokhtar in his previous writings.

The bull’s eye approach is supreme when deceived by cutting -edge propaganda (crop) a piece of two pictures for superficial and redundant comparisons.

Finally, the lazy reader, who is only interested in headlines and image cropping will continue to be comfortable in being such a cow -eyed trigger manipulation game farm.

Regardless, criticizing is not wrong, but let it be clearly factual in the right context. When the criticism is clearly ‘grainy’ ore kelate kato, finally the parties involved can immediately rectify the situation. Criticism is not wrong, just do not need to be to the point of insulting or harassing!

Darulnaim Research Centre
24 Mei 2022 – HARAKAHDAILY 24/5/2022

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