Kate Smurthwaite And Her Husband James Farr Are The Guests Of Jeremy Vine In Come Dine With Me

Was Kate Smurthwaite with her husband James Farr on Jeremy Vine In Come Dine With Me? Here’s what we know.

British comedian Kate Smurthwaite is known for appearing on British Television and radio. She usually offers her opinions on varieties of topics ranging from politics to religion.

According to her bio, Smurthwaite is also a left-wing, feminist, atheist, and activist. She is the current host of the News at Kate video series. In recent weeks, she is also touring her 15th one-woman show, The Last Mayor of Fihalhoi.

The comedian has recently posted a photo on her Twitter handle @Cruella1confirming that she is ready for Jeremy Vine In Come Dine With Me.

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