‘Kate’ M4ti, Nabil Mahir Kec3wa Animal Clinic Refuses To Treat Injured Cats – “They Tell You To Go To Another Veterinarian Because They Want To Close” – Steady Media News

Lawyer Nabil Mahir expressed his grievances against an animal clinic in Petaling Jaya that refused to treat his injured cat.

Nabil explained that the animal clinic involved asked him to take the cat named Kate to another nearby clinic on the grounds that they were about to end their operating hours.

“I came to visit the fur babies and was surprised to see one of them m4ti. I’m not sure why but two weeks ago Scarlett gave birth to four children but three of them died.

“Suddenly I found Kate bleeding and weak. I immediately took him to a nearby veterinary clinic and informed them that this was a serious matter.

“They told me to go to another animal clinic because they were about to close. If they really love animals, they should accept it.

“Not long after that, Kate also died. I will forever hate the animal clinic that chose to reject my request to help Kate,” he said in a post on Instagram Stories.

In the meantime, Nabil also left a comment on the account of the veterinary clinic involved, recounting his recent experience.

Write Nabil in the comments section of the animal clinic; “My cat died because you didn’t want to help. He was bleeding and weak, when he arrived the staff just looked from outside the cage and told them to close, then told me to go somewhere else.”

Meanwhile, his wife, singer and actress Ayda Jebat also shared the same grief, affected by the loss of both of Nabil’s cats.

“One of Nabil’s cats has died, another one is injured. I don’t know why, maybe it’s berg4duh.

“Nabil took his injured cat to the clinic. Just look from outside the cage and they say the clinic is about to close, find another clinic that is open.

“This is a mess, right? Said the veterinary clinic. If you accept and check, the cat can still be saved.

“Nabil cried and kept crying. Only now do I know the feeling when a pet dies. Although I don’t take care of them, but I witnessed Nabil take care of 12 street cats and love them really, treat them well. It is very touching.

“I imagine, if the cat was our child, we would take it to the clinic and the clinic would say sorry to close. Take it to another clinic and our child can’t be saved?” wrote Ayda who was also concerned with Nabil’s situation.

Source: Gempak

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