Justin’s Field of Misfit Toys – Pro Sports Extra |

The Chicago Bears have made a great effort putting weapons around second year quarterback Justin Fields. Weapons that if you needed them to shoot, would shoot a blank. They have added Tajae Sharpe and Dante Pettis. Let’s not forget about Velus Jones, the 25 year old rookie.

Tajae Sharpe, who is 27 and had his best season in his rookie year. That rookie year being six years ago when I couldn’t even drive a car legally. I can take your mother to the bar and buy her a beer. With the departure of Allen Robinson I can keep staying up at night wondering how this Bears offense is going to look this season. Then there’s Dante Pettis, who’s best season was also his rookie season and has had knee surgeries and hasn’t been able to stay on the field since then. The Chicago Bears, who don’t have a WR1, are stacking up on WR4’s. Velus Jones, who is 25 going into his rookie season, who wasn’t a receiving threat at Tennessee, was more of a volunteer basis down in Knoxville in their suffering hurry up spread offense.

I understand the Chicago Bears aren’t in win now mode but it seems like they’re not even trying to make life easy on Justin Fields next season. For now I’ll buy in and say Eberflus has got this team in the right direction, but I can only be a blind optimus until september.

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