Justin Thomas joins Will Saladoris in the playoffs for a second big win

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Justin Thomas returned from seven strokes to win the 104th PGA Championship at Southern Hills on Sunday, forcing the match into a three-hole playoff. Young Professionals. This was how Thomas equalized his third big 54-hole comeback in the history of the major championships.

Thomas started his day below 2 and roared again from 67 to 3 in round 4, including 32 to 3 without a boogie in the top nine. He made the first and second play-off holes and equalized in the end, while Saladoris was close to Purdy on the first hole (# 13) but missed a pass in the last two (# 17-18).

Thomas’ victory in the seven-stroke comeback was the biggest result of a 54-hole championship wins since the Open 1999. For the sixth time in history, a golfer advanced to the final and won a Major after seven strokes or more.

“It’s a strange day. I’m definitely not on the list. I never shook the ball on Sunday and won the game. It’s the first and I want it to be the last, ”said Thomas. After his victory. “… at the beginning of the week, ‘Which lead is safe?’ I said, “Lead-free.” This place is very difficult, but if you attack Fairways you can create birds. I was patient and I couldn’t believe I was in the playoffs.

In turn, Zalatoris took second place in Major One (2021 Masters) for the second time in his career. This is his fifth top eight finish from the last seven major starts. He started the day with a three-stroke advantage on T2 and recorded a score of 1 over 71 in the 4th round.

On Sunday, the 27-year-old Chilean took three strokes ahead and shared the lead or followed him to each hole. Bird’s foot on 17th, which gave Pereira a two-stroke advantage, stopped half a turn to the hole in the moment of a heart attack.

Pereira entered the 18th and 72nd holes of his game, making a shot on the pitch to explode his driveway into a stream to the right of the fairway. He ended up with a double bogey, not only securing his potential win but also opening the door for Thomas and Jalatoris to compete in the playoffs for Skymaker.

To this end, Thomas took 18th place on the bird’s foot, which would give him the 31-year-old under 4 the best victory in ninth place. He overlooked it and went back to par while Zaladoris finished 18th and Thomas led the club under 5.

2022 PGA Championship Playoff




4 -2




4 -1
  • Hole 1 (Part-5 of 13): Thomas saw the tees lumpy, but the clutch hit his third shot 6 feet off the hole for Birdie Putty. The Jalatoris Jedi seemed better at making two greens, but the long eagle was forced to tapping the bird after moving to the left.
  • Hole 2 (item 4 17.): Thomas took the green tea away Spectacular fashionThe Jalatoris happily landed right under the bunker on the greenside during the same attempt. Jalatoris missed a 12-foot puddle and returned to level, while JD tapped softly his 56-pound puddle 4 feet away, looking for a bird and lead.
  • Hole 3 (part 4 of 18th): They both made the two green, although Jaladoris’ approach broke over the back to push him further out of the hole. Jaladoris was knocked down by the pair while Thomas knocked him down with a barb and a championship kick.

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