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Jumbo Airport Story Mod Apk v1.1.1 (Points, Unlimited Money) – Jumbo Airport Story Mod is busy being played by gamers, especially in Indonesia. Having a unique and interesting way of playing is the main attraction of this game.

Having a fairly simple way of playing, this game also has a simple appearance. The graphics of this 2D game are still interesting to look at. The characters that will be used are also cute and adorable.

The most important thing about this game is that you will become the owner of the airport. Carrying out the task as an airport owner is definitely not easy. From this simulation game, you can feel the sensation of being a successful entrepreneur who operates an airport.

Tentang Jumbo Airport Story Mod

This game was just released on September 26, 2022 yesterday. Still so warm and new that it caught a lot of people’s attention.

The fans are also quite a lot because the game play is interesting to try. This game developed by Kairosoft also has a unique graphic design.

The visuals provided are in the form of pixels so that they are very unique and different from other games. Playing this game will make you feel nostalgic at the same time for old games in the 1990s.

Having a role as an airport owner, you also have to manage the company so that the airport is getting better. Of course you have to help develop this airport to be successful.

In addition, in the Jumbo Airport Story Mod game you can also complete some important tasks to earn a lot of money. You can use this money to buy additional new aircraft or expand the airport you manage.

A modified version is also present to make missions and gameplay easier. You will find it easier when playing with the help of various features that have been modified.

Jumbo Airport Story Mod is also much sought after so you can finish the game easily. The excitement will increase when using the mod version because you can access all its features.

The features provided can be accessed for free so you don’t need to hesitate to use them. Curious about more detailed information? Then you have to read this article to the end!

New Jumbo Airport Story Mod Features

New Jumbo Airport Story Mod Features

As mentioned earlier, the features in Jumbo Airport Story Mod are free and easy to access. Unlimited access and use can be at will.

The function of the modified version itself helps players to be able to experience locked features or limited access. Modified games make it easier and provide opportunities for everyone to play more freely.

1. Unlimited Money

Without any full effort and takes a long time, you can develop an airport and buy various types of aircraft you want. You just need to make a purchase without much thought.

The more planes you have, the passengers will also increase. This additional passenger makes you faster to earn money.

You can also feel the size of the airport when you have unlimited money. Buying buildings and speeding up construction at the airport is no longer a problem for you.

This feature, of course, can only be found in the modified version. Jumbo Airport Story Mod will give you experience as a successful entrepreneur who can buy anything.

2. Research Point Options

Unlimited destination points are also one of the advantages of Jumbo Airport Story Mod where you are free to choose the point. With unlimited destination points you can take passengers anywhere.

This feature is one of the most important in this game. Because there are missions that require you to take passengers to a certain destination point. At the same time the mission is the main mission in this game.

As an airport owner, of course you must have a complete map and points so that passengers can arrive at their destinations well and happily. Delivering passengers to multiple points will also make this game feel more realistic.

Surely it will be very fun when you manage to take passengers to their destination, right? This modified version allows you to take passengers anywhere!

3. Airplane Unlocked

There are many types of planes available in this simulation game. As an airport owner, you must have various types of aircraft so that passengers can choose the plane they want.

The more complete the plane you have, the more comfortable passengers will feel. Of course, passengers will also feel happy, so the payment given will be more.

However, in the original version of this application, aircraft must be purchased by collecting quite a lot of capital. Not to mention if the capital collected is also used to build an airport.

No need to worry if you use a modified version of this application. You will have the plane you want because all the planes you can open and use for free.

The existence of this plane no longer needs to be bothered to get. You can enjoy the various types of aircraft available. By having a variety of different aircraft, the airport you manage will also look more attractive.

4. No Ads

Ad distractions while playing games make you unfocused and definitely distracting. Usually an ad will appear if you want to unlock something or appear after completing a mission. Depends on the number of ads installed in the application.

Jumbo Airport Story Mod has no ads in it so players can be more comfortable while playing. This ad block feature is only available in the modified version. With this feature you will no longer find ads that appear while playing games.

You can enjoy the game and finish well and without a hitch. You can play the game smoothly and quickly without waiting for ads.

Difference between Jumbo Airport Story Mod and Original Version

Difference between Jumbo Airport Story Mod and Original Version

In general, the difference that can be seen from the Jumbo Airport Story Mod with the original version is only limited to its features. But the difference in these features is what makes the modified version more in demand by players.

The modified version allows players to have unlimited access and can play the game as they wish. Can’t do it in the original version, because some of the features are locked.

In addition to the convenience obtained, there are many other differences that make the modified version of the application much in demand. We will provide a table of the differences between the modified version and the original version.

Jumbo Airport Story Original Jumbo Airport Story Mod
Unlimited money Unlimited Money
The plane is locked access Access all open planes
Destination points are opened one by one Free to choose the destination point because it is already open
Ads popping up No annoying ads
Unlock difficult achievements Easy to achieve mission achievement

After seeing the differences above, surely you will also choose Jumbo Airport Story Mod as your choice, right? So what are you waiting for, immediately download this application and play the game.

Download Jumbo Airport Story Mod

Download Jumbo Airport Story Mod

The specifications of this application must still be considered when you want to download any application. Including when downloading Jumbo Airport Story Mod.

Although generally android phones can download all mod applications, it’s better if you check first. This is done so that the download process runs smoothly.

In addition to the smooth download process, specifications are useful so that you don’t waste internet quota in vain in the event of a failure. Here are the specifications for downloading the Jumbo Airport Story Mod application.

Game App Name Jumbo Airport Story Mod
Game Size 56 MB
Genre Simulation
Updated Version 1.1.1
Operating system Android 4.4 and above
Link Download Here

Instal Jumbo Airport Story Mod

Instal Jumbo Airport Story Mod

Seeing the size that is not so big, this game will attract your attention, right? With a variety of features and specifications that are not large, this game is easy to get.

The graphics are simple and can make you nostalgic, this will accompany you in the game. The following are the steps to install this application.

  1. Enable permission to install apps from unknown sources through settings on android device
  2. Download this application file via the link provided in the download table and specifications
  3. Press the download button on the page provided then wait for everything to download
  4. Install the downloaded application by going to the file manager then find the location of the file that was just downloaded
  5. Tap install app to start the installation process
  6. If the installation process is complete, you can play and become a successful airport owner

Very easy is not how to install it? You don’t need to be afraid of failure when installing it. Of course, you can use this application smoothly and play to your heart’s content.

The final word

So many of our articles that discuss the features up to the Jumbo Airport Story Mod download link. Sorry if there are word and delivery errors. Hopefully our article is useful, especially for those of you who are looking for a download link for this game. See you again!


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