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Jug Jug Jiyo Movie produced by Dharma Productions starring Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani, Anil Kapoor, Nitu Singh, Manish Paul, Prajakta Koli released on Theatres and then it came to OTT. The movie Jug Jug Jiyo is now available for free download with Telegram Channel Link in 480p, 720p and 1080p.

About Jug Jug Jiyo

What happens when a child very nearly separate, finds that his dad is likewise quick to cut off his relationship with his mom? On the off chance that the child can’t deal with the outcome of his significant other… the dad needs independence from his annoying companion.

Chief Raj Mehta lets us know that adoration can evaporate in both organized and love relationships, in the event that they are not sustained with deference and confidence. Unexpectedly, these two fixings give off an impression of being absent in his treatment of the subject for a huge part. There are successions that raise trusts that the film will offer a novel, new thing, however it winds up just scratching the supposed surface of male privilege and closed-mindedness, with the eventual result of nearly normalizing them.

In a bid to make the unpleasant reality satisfactory, the journalists have moved it in so much saccharine of situational humor that the perplexing subject loses its power. That the film is to a great extent set in Patiala isn’t sufficient. Each opportunity Maneish Paul comes on screen, someone needs to yell ‘Munda’ (kid) from the foundation. As the comic treatment weakens the inspirations of the characters, it isn’t not difficult to truly take them. It is just late in the last part that the film tracks down its muted voice, when the mother by marriage and little girl in-regulation talk about their experience of marriage.

For the rest, it appears to be the center story of useless connections has been gobsmacked with comic foundation sounds on the grounds that the creators maybe don’t have confidence in the crowd. So they poke the Karan Johar universe of the Punjabi family delicately. Sometime in the past just men reinforced over wine, presently ladies of the family can likewise say cheers. That is progress!

The entertainers do their piece to make it work. Varun Dhawan has arisen as an equipped model of a ‘tubelight,’ as Kukoo depicts himself towards the end. Kukoo is the sort of fellow whose heart is covered some place underneath his well defined abs and requires a couple of Patiala stakes to illuminate his cerebrum. Hitched to his young life love Naina (Kiara Advani), Kukoo’s delicate male inner self flashes when his better half ascents up the profession stepping stool and he is abandoned to man a club. Her prosperity shakes his male qualification and causes him to feel shaky, a lesser element in the relationship.

Yet, before Kukoo can make it known of separation to his dad Bhim Saini (Anil Kapoor), Bhim lets him know that he is pondering partition from his mom Geeta (Neetu Kapoor) whom he portrays as a ‘vegan lioness’ and that Meera (Tisca Chopra), a maths educator, has brought sentiment back into his life. It twistings into a progression of dramatic circumstances; some of which are natural, however others have been compelled to keep the story light and foamy. A valid example: the scene where Bhim acquaints Kukoo with Meera. One can easily download Jug Jug Jiyo with Telegram Channel Link in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

In a bid to make Geeta sparkle, Meera has been decreased to a solitary note character. We never get to understand what she found in Bhim in any case, or why Bhim got influenced toward her. A lot of time is spent letting us know that there’s no need to focus on the late hormonal flood, however the film has no space to examine the dug in male centric society in father and child that has permeated into their spouses and sister Ginny (Prajakta Kohli) too.

Yet again regardless of constraints in characterisation, Anil Kapoor is the pulsating heart of the film and transcends the composition to keep the crowd contributed. His comic science with Varun gives a portion of the great places in the film. Neetu Kapoor gets back in the saddle and lights up the screen in the restricted screen time that she has got; one of the most impressive scenes is maybe a reflection on her reality. Kiara reasonably seems to be a spouse who doesn’t have the foggiest idea how more she might make the marriage work, and Maneish Paul adds punch with his comic timing.

Regardless of the gifts in the cinematic world, the film doesn’t have the legs to keep going a container (an extensive stretch of time) in open memory. It can bring out a couple of loud snickers and flash some energized supper table conversations.

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