Jimmy Kimmel Returns from COVID and Lays Into ‘Virus’ Kellyanne Conway Over Book Claims

After testing positive for COVID twice in three weeks, Jimmy Kimmel back to his late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday. “I’m not very sick either. Luckily, I have two boosters and a full bottle of Flintstones vitamins to help me,” he jokes.

“Speaking of viruses,” Kimmel later explained, “Kellyanne Conway is returning to public life with a book about her days as a confidant of Donald Trump. The book is called this is the deal. “

He then snips a segment of Conway promoting the book by reading an excerpt: “Here’s the thing: It’s all story, all journey, all journey, all life. And I’m still going. God has been tried. He took me on and trusted me. He asked me to carry a burden that would not break my heart. He blessed me more than I could have imagined or deserved. Amen.”

“Yes, amen. I don’t think you can end your book with ‘amen,’” Kimmel cracked. “Did you notice she wasn’t reading at all when she was reading? Fantastic.”

In Conway’s book, she describes how Trump was considering dropping out of the presidential race after his infamous presidential campaign. enter hollywood TAPE – Trump boasted about how he has the right to grab women ‘by the pussy’ because he’s a ‘star’ – leaked. (news Originally reported by The Daily Beast Reporter Zachary Petrizzo. )

“[Trump] ask [Conway] If he should drop out, but she tells him to move on, so instead of stepping down for bragging about grabbing women’s privates, she encourages him to stay and make the decision to control every woman’s privates for years to come, And we’ve had a terrible time since then,” Kimmel said. “Amen. Thank you, Kellyanne. “

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