Jennie Called Dating Ex-Friend’s Girlfriend After Being Known To Be Friends With The Grandson Of The Founder Of Paradise Group – Currently the Korean entertainment industry is being shocked by the news of dating between two famous idols Jennie and V. This finally caught the interest of YouTuber Lee Jin Ho who is also a former reporter who finally showed interesting information about the members’ dating rumors BLACK PINK and Bangtan Boys the.

With these rumors, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho posted a video with the title “V and Jennie dating in Jeju…?” In the video, Lee Jin Ho explains, “There’s something strange if V and Jennie are dating.” and went on to mention the grandson of the founder of Paradise Group and pointed out the dating rumors between the chaebol’s daughter and V that surfaced in October last year.

During that time, V attended the KIAF 2021 VVIP preview held at COEX in Gangnam, and was seen with members of the conglomerate family. When his photo was taken and spread, rumors that he was dating the grandson of the chaebol family surfaced by his agency HYBE and V himself quickly denied the rumors. “Miss Jeon and Jennie are known to be best friends. If Jennie and V are really dating and the previous rumors are true, this means that Jennie will be dating her best friend’s ex-boyfriend less than a year since the last dating rumors,” said Lee Jin Ho.

Seeing this, fans seem to still reject rumors that Jennie and V are dating and the photos circulating are only edited. Whereas previously YG Entertainment had given a statement in which they claimed they could not talk about the artist’s personal life, while not a few accused the V and Jennie dating scandals of being created to defuse the bullying controversy. Kim Garam |.

“I’m sure that Garam knows HYBE’s worst secret because why else would they risk everything and everyone they have JUST to save his guilty ass?” netter comments. “So he concludes that he might be dating his former friend but can’t conclude that his friend might have introduced him to him since his company vehemently denied the previous rumors? What logic!” another said. “All of this covered Garam’s news. HYBE may pay people to “analyze” all of this and circulate “evidence” to distract from their current problems such as buying music show gifts and threatening at school to stop talking. I hope the locals in SK don’t fall for this,” concluded another.

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