Jakarta 2022 Formula E Ticket Prices, Here’s the Information

Icolancer.com – Jakarta 2022 Formula E Ticket Prices – Where the 2022 Formula E Jakarta Ticket Prices are a choice of formula racing ticket prices provided by the organizers according to the stands for spectators. The price offered starts from the cheap, hundreds of thousands to the most expensive is tens of millions of rupiah.

For those of you Formula E fans, have you bought your tickets for the Formula E Jakarta 2022? If not, you can see on the page below. Because this prestigious championship provides tickets with the highest prices of up to tens of millions of rupiah.

Jakarta 2022 Formula E Ticket Prices From Play Store Can I Buy It?

The ticket price for Formula E Jakarta 2022 is a prestigious single seat car racing event in 2022 which will be held in Jakarta Indonesia. The 2022 Formula E Jakarta race will be held at the Jakarta International ePrix Circuit (JIEC). This time, Indonesia as the host has a circuit that can accommodate sixty thousand spectators.

In 2011 the first Formula E championship was spearheaded by Jean Todt, the president of the FIA ​​together with Alejandro Agag as Founder of Formula E Holdings, organized an electric car race for the first time. Read this: Fork Crypto Forking

Before buying tickets, it’s a good idea to first know the list of ticket prices and the facilities available and here we will present a list of ticket prices for Formula E Jakarta 2022 as follows:

  1. Rp11,500,000, Jakarta Royal Suite 1A.
  2. IDR 8,625,000, Jakarta Deluxe Suite 1B.
  3. IDR 3,450,000, Fresh Suite 1C.
  4. IDR 3,450,000, Jimbaran Suite 1D.
  5. IDR 2,300.00, Ocean Wave Suite 1E (sold out).

How to Buy Jakarta 2022 Formula E Tickets Online

How to buy a Jakarta 2022 Formula E Ticket Online is very easy, you can see several ways that we will provide. The following are several ways to be able to buy Jakarta 2022 Formula E Tickets Online as follows:

  1. You can go to the Jakartaeprixofficial.com website.
  2. Then press Buy Ticket.
  3. Then later there will be ticket categories.
  4. After that press Sub Category.
  5. Next Buy Tickets.
  6. Write down the requested data.
  7. Finally, pay according to what you chose earlier.

Well, that’s the information we can give to all of you regarding the Jakarta 2022 Formula E Ticket Prices. Hopefully this information can be useful and you can also use this information as well as possible.

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