ITZY Appears With “Sneakers” in Music Programs, Netizens Say This For Outfits?

One of girl group which is under the auspices of JYP Entertainment, ITZY, has just made a comeback by releasing the latest song titled “Sneakers”, which is the main song of the band. mini album “CHECKMATE”.

Of course ITZY is also promoting on music programs with songs returnwhich one, which one Music Bank as the first stage. The five idols who are members of ITZY look cute with feminine outfits, compact with silver sneakers.

The latest appearances from Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna suddenly reaped various comments from South Korean netizens who were thrown through the Pann Nate community forum.

“I realized since “Break Ice”, ITZY fits this kind of concept too”,

“How long have we not seen Ryujin in a skirt, haha”,

“Yuna really fits the bubbly and lively concept, like this one”

“Really beautiful, they (before) always got weird hairstyles”,

“I also want to see them in that shining sporty outfit too”, and various other comments.

You can see ITZY’s performance at Music Bank with “Sneakers” below! (

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