“It’s nice to see, straw like in Hindustan, lo..” – netizen

Kamal Adly and Aksha Senrouz’s latest video about the dramatic stage has caught the attention of fans. Look at the happiness of this husband!!

Just mention the name of the famous couple, Kamal Adly and Aqsha Senrouz, many fans are happy to see this beautiful and equally identical couple who already started a family in early November last year.

Kamal and Aksha previously collaborated often in several seemingly phenomenological dramas with acting results that eventually also caused these two actors to often shoot together.

This couple’s compatibility acted in the drama like After pronouncing the agreement And the Women without D0sa It is undeniable that he has won awards and captured the hearts of the audience.

Latest, by account Instagram Kamal posted a video clip in which Kamal and Aksha appear together again in the drama titled “Akira Khan” which will soon be shown on TV.

Let’s watch the video below:

The warmth of the couple in the video attracted the attention of their fans. Even in the comments section, he wished a lot of perfection and happiness. Among the interesting comments are the following:

“It’s nice to see straw like her in Hindustan, she’s right. I hope Kamal and Qasha are always happy..”

“Beautiful song Ungo band, we hope it’s even Jannat Kamal brothers and Brother Sha, it’s nice to watch this video you know..”

“The ants are on my phone screen, hey. Kamal’s role with a cute straw and he seems to be carrying weight..”

Beautiful Akasha dress, beautiful color and sweet appearance. May the lovebirds be happy until the end of their lives..”

“Beautiful straw like Hindustan. Lucky Kamal got a beautiful and sweet Akasha hahaha I hope you guys stay happy..”

“Oh, how beautiful you two are, I can’t wait to see Akira Khan more and more. May you remain happy until Jannatul Firdhaus.

“Men and women better work together without hesitation, hehe. Btw Uqasha really looks beautiful..”

Look sweetKamal rarely shares videos sweet like him. Akasha looks beautiful in such a dress. Even if you look at the account Instagram Well, many pictures shared by Okasha dressed in traditional Indian clothes and got praise from netizens.

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Source: IG kamaladli, uqashasenrose2

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