“It’s been 10 years but Che Ta is beautiful like a newlywed..” – Netizen

Video Around Rozita Che Wan And Zain Saidin’s Wedding Ceremony In Conjunction With The 10th Wedding Anniversary. Wah Cantik Betul Che Ta Dengan Busana Pengantin Songket, Dah Macam Pengantin Baru. The atmosphere of the ceremony was full of glory !!

Every year there will be a special celebration for the famous celebrity Rozita Che Wan or better known as Che Ta to celebrate her wedding anniversary with her beloved husband, Zain Saidin.

Most recently, reviewed on several media accounts at Instagram has shared a video of Che Ta’s wedding anniversary celebrations this year which will enter 10 years. Most interestingly, the celebration was sponsored by Che Ta’s good friend, Anas Zahrin.

It is seen that this equally beautiful couple is wearing a songket -themed wedding dress. Paraded into the glorious hall, Che Ta and Zain were celebrated by family, close friends and media friends.

The sharing of the video has caught the attention of netizens. No matter what, Che Ta’s elegant appearance during the ceremony made those who looked stunned. Beautiful Che Ta is like a newlywed despite having been married for 10 years.

Let’s follow and watch the videos below:

In the comments section, the average gave praise and congratulations to Che Ta and Zain Saidin. Among the interesting comments are:

“It’s been 10 years but Che Ta is as beautiful as a newlywed. Che Ta’s anniversary ceremony is really festive. “

“Alhamdulillah 10 years already, hopefully till jannah Che Ta and Zain, happy always in the grace and redho Allah, amen ..”

“Che Ta’s opponent, we were stunned to see. Happy anniversary Che Ta, it’s been 10 years, it’s like just yesterday watching Che Ta’s wedding on TV .. “

“Cheta, every year I go up the plamin, btw it looks like a classic ceremony this time, it looks different …”

“Beautiful Che Ta, melet0p. The face from the last 10 years has not changed, it looks beautiful ready Che Ta ni, hehe .. “

“The ceremony was lively, fortunately Che Ta was celebrated like a princess. Congratulations Che Ta and Zain, happy 10th wedding anniversary .. “

“Wow, congratulations Che Ta and husband, Che Ta’s wedding dress is really beautiful. May Che Ta’s household continue to remain happy until jannah, isnyaallah amin .. “

Alahai beautiful and sweet to see Che Ta celebrated as a king one day this time. Anyway, we from Berita Kopak also pray that Che Ta and Zain’s marriage will continue to be blessed and remain happy together until the end of hay4t.

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