“It’s a normal meal but that moment is expensive, I love the way Edel treats Vasha..” – (Netizen)

In conjunction with Eidel Aziz’s birthday, Vasha Sandha shared a video clip collecting their beautiful memories. Eidel Layan Vacha Candy, Wife’s First Feeding. The most humble couple!!

Looking at Vasha Supportha’s Instagram account, a video was shared showing a bunch of videos showing Adele’s behavior when he’s with Vasha. All these videos were recorded by Vasha herself.

As a memory and a sign of appreciation for Aidel, Vasha recorded this video for her beloved husband. This is also in conjunction with Aidil’s birthday which falls today. Aidil and Vasha are a really romantic couple even though they already have children.

Several videos of Edel feeding Vasha can be seen in this video. Fans praise the way Eidel serves and treats his wife. Fans also noted Aidil and Fasha’s dining venues that are only found in regular restaurants.

Aidil’s facial reaction when feeding food is only gentle. The ones I fed Vasha, but Aidil’s mouth also had a hole which kept the crowd amused. Just happy even though we’ve been together for years, it feels like we’re in love.

Let’s watch the video below:

Fasha’s post recorded nearly 11 thousand Likes From fan. sweet This is what can be described about these two beloved pigeons. Among the fan comments:

“Eating normally but that moment is expensive. So sweet.. I love so much the way you treat your family.. Happy birthday to gombauu people..”

“Wow wow wow.. it’s beautiful, you two are so cute. effortless video cmni but sweet.. just simple because simplicity is beautiful. Sweet couple. Happy for you Vasha when you look so happy..

This could be a trend… the trend of compiling videos for husbands and wives. Knock on the idea…. Hepi besday for Aidil. With all of us, I would like to see the family life of this beautiful FS simple, I hope you are always happy, my sister..”

“Good Aidil, it should be a wife’s first feed if you feel like there are many videos in this.. I love the way you appreciate everything in your life..

“Attractive. My husband’s mouth also opens when he wants a bribe. We who don’t care, like we who think we’re taking a bribe..”

“The sweetest moment, I hope you are happy until heaven my love. The best thing is to have a husband who loves to spoil his wife..”

“Once even in the summary, ah, what a beautiful.. happy birthday.. may you love to reach heaven Amen.. good Vasha and Aidel, it’s an ordinary restaurant and not a luxury hotel or restaurant..”

“She’s not perfect as a woman. She’d be perfect when she’s with the right man. Love you support her….because you’re so humble..

We at Berita Kopak also take this opportunity to wish Aidil a happy birthday. May Eidel be in good health, sustenance and lasting happiness with his beloved wife and children.

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