‘It still gives me hope’ – Balita – Tagalog Newspaper Tabloid

With the passing of seasoned actress Cherie Gil at the age of 59, 75-year-old Manay Lolit Solis has a realization.

Manay Lolit was one of those saddened by the news of the loss of the so-called “La Primera Contravida” of Filipino film this Friday.

“Oh Salve, because of the text I received that Cherie Gil had passed away, my morning seemed to be ruined. So sad that someone younger than me like Cherie Gil disappeared from this world earlier,” Manay said in her Instagram update, Saturday.

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Cherie, who is younger and who she thought was stronger than her, was first defeated by cancer.

Manay realized something about the sudden loss of the seasoned actress.

“That’s why I know I should be thankful because I’m 75 and still here and I’m still given hope. I’m really just a complaining person who did nothing but look for someone to complain about,” said Manay.

Manay Lolit is currently recovering according to her series of Instagram posts.

In fact, the seasoned celebrity host and talent manager has also undergone a series of dialysis.

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“Fortunately, my doctors are kind, and patient in looking at me, but, maybe, I’ve been sick for a long time because of my complaints, hah hah hah. God is good, always.💕”

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