It is heart-warming to see a child being abused, the actions of this abuser are condemned by the public

Netizens were heartbroken to see a girl being abused with a broom stick. In a video that went viral, the inhumane woman was seen hitting the child at the dining table.

Initial police investigation found that the poor four-year-old boy was beaten and forced to eat rice until he vomited.

It is understood that the girl is the adopted child of the 28-year-old woman and the viral video was recorded by a young man known as Aqiel.

For Fitria Ratna Dilla, there is no need to take an adopted child just to be considered good.

“Pity the innocent child. It’s enough that he has no family, he can have a family like a cruel pharaoh,” he said.

Meanwhile, Syuhada Mansor thinks the cute girl is in the wrong hands.

“May the sister be protected and blessed by God always. May it be taken care of by the right people,” he said.

People also describe a child as young as four years old who does not know anything else about life.

“I don’t understand people who abuse these children. I want to feel angry, angry at a boy who doesn’t know what the world is anymore.

“Haih, our society is dead. I hope you get a fair defense,” he said.

There are also virtual citizens who say that the abusive woman is the founder of a cosmetic product.

“In Tiktok, it’s a good game to hug and kiss the boy,” said Puspa Wangi.

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